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    Pastrami On Rye Anyone...??

    Actually, if you really want to get technical, meshugeneh is the English spelling of the Yiddish word - since actual Yiddish is written in the Hebrew alphabet.... משוגע
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    Buquebus And Best B.a. Restaurants.

    Thanks. If, by the way, there are older reviews that any of you think are really off-base these days because a place has changed over time - I'd always love to hear about it (probably best to just send an email or tweet or something, since I may miss it on this forum) - gives me a reason to go...
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    Buquebus And Best B.a. Restaurants.

    "Defense" was probably a poor choice of words. I didn't really take it as an attack, and that was why I prefaced that responding may have been a mistake. It was more to let you know that I'm out there, reviewing, and quite actively. I probably should have just left it alone. :-)
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    Buquebus And Best B.a. Restaurants.

    This may be a mistake, but - having stumbled across this thread, and hesitant to jump in because I don't want to come across as being defensive, and maybe I shouldn't, but here goes. First off, I love Allie's blog and read it whenever she posts - and she's often clued in to places that I have...
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    Fresh Berries - Where To Find Them - Now, Tomorrow, Usual

    ajoknoblauch - thanks for the referral. As far as I can tell the link is working - I just tried it. There's also a kindle and an ipad version available.
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    Dinner at Casa Saltshaker

    Just wanted to thank everyone who attended last evening. It was a pleasure getting to meet you all and spend a little time with you. Fun group!
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    "Closed Door" Restaurants

    We'll keep the porchlight on! ;-)
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    "Closed Door" Restaurants

    Harry, Sorry you had a bad experience with us - most of our guests enjoy themselves and we have a large cadre of regulars, but it's not for everyone. I hope you'll give us another shot one night - perhaps it was just an off-night, which does happen. I would note one thing - we don't ask for...
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    NYC Bagels

    While I can't speak to Zork's experience, I have never had anything but a really good bagel at Amaranta, both eating there and buying them to take out. Hopefully he/she will take Humberto's offer to heart and give them a try again. Also looking forward to trying Bagelazo's offerings - one can...
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    Casa restaurants in BA

    And a few more from our blog...
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    Better than Starbucks and with Bagels!

    First decent bagels I've found are at Amaranta, on Junin between Las Heras and Pacheco de Melo. The chef used to live in the U.S. and makes his own, daily. Best coffee - Estacion General de Cafe on Pueyrredon between Arenales and Beruti, they also have a couple of other locations, this is the...
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    Buenos Aires: The PARIS of Latin America!

    BA was described this way in the late 1880s, after the boom of building in the French Beaux Arts style - it was one of those "one off" comments that some newspaperman made at the time and has since been repeated ad nauseum, probably mostly fueled by folks looking to convince someone to move or...
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    How many of you made the move to Argentina solo?

    I made it solo, and basically didn't speak any spanish on arrival. You'll want to get on that quickly - I've found that outside of organized groups that meet for the purpose, many Argentines will say they want to practice their English in exchange for you practicing Spanish, but on a day to day...
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    Cost of living?

    30 pesos to eat out? Sure if you're having pizza, empanadas or sandwiches. If you plan to eat out anything fancier than that, 30 pesos a day isn't going to cut it here anymore. Eating in, of course, you can do it on far less. Does your 1000 pesos rent (which, by the way, is really expensive for...
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    Martial arts schools

    SDS Wing Chun -
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    Why are the eggs not kept refrigerated?

    It totally comes down to the preparation. Refrigeration has zero, really, zero, effect on salmonella (the only reason for keeping an egg at refrigerator temperature is it will keep fresh for a few days longer, the flip side is, it will lose intensity of flavor). An egg either has salmonella or...
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    Vegetarian Restaurants in Centro?

    The raw food place is called Verdellama - they have one on Jorge Newberry in Colegiales and a small outpost at Santa Fe and Rodriguez Pena in a galeria. In centro, there are two fairly good vegetarian restaurant options. Granix, which is an all you can eat vegetarian buffet in the Galeria Guemes...
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    Catering service

    Grazie, I appreciate the recommendation, however, we don't offer catering services - other than if someone wants to book a private party at our place. I generally refer requests for caterers to Caracoles para da Viunci -
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    Pheasant, goose, duck, quail, venison...

    It's an interesting observation - I've been lectured to by some Argentines, mostly of older generations, on the "dangers" of eating raw vegetables beyond a few that are used in salads. I used to get the same lectures from folks of similar age in Rome and other parts of southern Italy, and I'm...
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    sour cream, smoked hams, real gruyere, rhubarb

    Hmm... may as well jump in, and thanks again for the plug VN... Farmers' markets, easy to find - mostly small neighborhood ones, but there are four large ones that operate - San Telmo (behind Plaza Dorrego), Belgrano (Juramento & Ciudad de la Paz), Recoleta/Centro (Callao & Cordoba), and the...