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    iPod wall charger needed

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to find a wall charger for an iPod. I purchased one today from Mercado Libre, but when I went to pick it up there was no answer at the door or on the phone # they gave me. I then bought a USB charger from a small electronics store on Cabildo, but I got home...
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    Buscando nuevas amigas/ Looking for new women friends

    Hola Chicas! I also, would love to meet up with you guys! I have been here for a little over 6 months and need to have some girl time. :) I am the Kelly part of Joekelly711. We are from the US and are here for about 6 more months teaching English, learning Español y enjoying the city...
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    Barrio Norte/Recoleta: Favorite Restaurants for Delivery?

    I recommend Akomer, located on Arenales between Agüero and Austria. They have a huge selection of regional items and are relatively inexpensive. They have about 20 different kinds of empanadas, all homemade and very tasty. I recommend the "Pastel de lomo con calabaza o pure de papas". You...
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    Changes for "permatourists"

    Does anyone know how this new decreto might affect someone who is trying to leave the country with an expired visa? Would the person simply pay the overstay fine, as has been the case previously?
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    Changes for "permatourists"

    Does the new law imply anything that would prevent a person who is overstaying their tourist visa from just simply paying the fine when leave Argentina? What if the person is only staying for 340 days, as previously mentioned?
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    Buses/subtes today?

    Are the buses and subtes running today? I have to go to work and I am not sure how I will get there. :(
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    uruguay cheats to win

    To live in the present or the future? A healthy balance is necessary. !!!!Vamos Argentina!!!!
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    Buquebus boarding

    Hey everyone! Maybe someone can help me. I am trying to book a trip from BA to Montevideo on the Buquebus website. For the Return trip it asks which bus stop I want to use. "Toma el Bus de VUELTA en". I am unfamiliar with Montevideo. Anyone have any ideas about which bus stop would be good...
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    If you find one, let me know! I would love to play. Joe
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    teaching english - how much $$$ an hour?

    I "work" for a company and only get $27 to $30 an hour. $50 is good my friend. Make sure you are getting teacher feedback in order to make sure you continue to be worth that $50 an hour to them. Also, watch out for those who want to take out taxes...... and how they do it. You do not want to...
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    Word of the Day:

    Just wanted to add one of my favorite Spanish words to say, albóndigas! albóndigas = meatballs.
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    Earth Day / El Dia de la Tierra

    We are going. Anyone else? Joe
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    International Party in BA!

    Does Sádbado a las 00:30hrs mean very late Friday night (Sat. morning) or very late Saturday night (Sun. morning)? Joe
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    ..some good music in castellano!!

    I really like La cabra mecánica, they are from Spain. Joe
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    xxx....and counting.

    My sympathies to you! I'm glad they failed, those bastards!!!
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    What is going on?

    No.... that was it. Thank you! I understood bits and pieces but could not put the puzzle together. It makes sense now. Thank you very much! kelly :)
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    I just want to say.........

    Awe! SO sweet Mr. Lee! Besos!
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    What is going on?

    Ok, so my spanish is almost non existant... but I am working on it. What is going on in the news? Why is the same story on every news channel? I tried to translate the headline online, but I am unsure of what they are saying..... It doesn't seem like it is too big of a deal but, again, its...
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    Dog Kong

    Don't forget the peanut butter! :)
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    I just want to say.........

    I LOVE BUENOS AIRES!!! If you feel the same reply with a cheers, salud or whatever you say in your native country! kelly:D