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    Spanish Classes - Wading Through The Minefield Of Options!

    Hi, I did An 'intensive 4 hr per day' spanish, for 4 weeks at one of the language schools. It was good and nice to meet others in the same boat and swap stories/ tips....but 4 hrs does not mean 4 hrs with breaks and lateness. I would advise for faster progress and those on a budget a fair bit of...
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    House / Dog Sitter January 2014

    Hi, As most leave I am intending on staying in BA throughout Jan, due to doing a course. I do have options to stay with family members but am in need of somewhere a little quieter. I am from the UK, 30 years of age, married and a qualified social worker, currently live in Pilar and have my...
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    Slimline/ Diet Tonic?

    Does anyone please know where I may find this anywhere in the city or outside to happily accompany my evening G&T? On another note I'm amazed at the amount of sugar in everything and difficulty getting heatlty food in a place I thought was going to be uber healthy! Thanks!
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    Newbie Looking For Advice From You Oldies

    Hello, I've been researching lots about this and trying to find a course for next week. Prices seem to vary from 150-250 dollars, the schools all seem very keen and say they do the same thing so I'm totally perplexed. I've decided if they are that keen, to ask to do a free day and then pay up...
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    Feeling The Cold Brrrr

    Spooky my mother in law has just said the exact same thing, minus the dog
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    Feeling The Cold Brrrr

    Lately arrived in Pilar from the uk, more of a climate shock than a culture shock right now with a heat wave in the uk and my house heating broken amongst a few other things to match,but I'm warm in spirit. If anyone lives in the pilar area it would be good to exchange notes!
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    Home Tutor Pilar Area

    Hi, Anybody know of any Spanish tutors, or links in the Pilar area. I'm looking to find somebody for a couple of hours per day 5 times a week, without having to go further afield. Also roughly the going rate right now for this sort of thing? Any help really appreciated.
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    Safety Bringing In Cash Through Airport?

    Thank you for the advice!!
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    Safety Bringing In Cash Through Airport?

    Looking for advice on bringing dollars through customs (no more than legitimately allowed, but between two, it's still a decent amount to worry about) any safety tips would be great and how best to store them after? Thanks all.
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    Uk Woman 29 Moving To Pilar

    Hola, I shall be moving to Pilar, next year to live with my soon to be Argentine husband. Looking for English speaking expats in the area. Right now I have no Spanish and will be looking for an intense tutor - class as soon as I arrive. Lots of things terrify me right now, not least the...