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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    Narrator: «but nothing changed.»
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    Lolapalooza tickets

    yes. on
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    So, is mate an acquired taste or is it possible I might like it?

    It simply tastes like shit. But the sustained feeling of it VS coffee and the whole Mate ritual keeps me coming back for more.
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    Thank you. That is helpful!
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    No, I do not believe I am.
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    Interesting. That is not what I have heard... I have heard that getting a residency which is not for studying (rentista) can take years even with a lawyer and that structuring and paperwork can be a nightmare. Just overstaying your visa and using something like a specialized lawyer.
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    Good Tailor For Suit Alterations

    This guy seems critically acclaimed. Sastrería Luigi De Carlo 011 4813-9239
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    Good Tailor For Suit Alterations

    Did you find any?
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    Good Tailor For Suit Alterations

    $650 is ridiculously cheap for a custom tailored suit. Are you aware what they cost in elsewhere?
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    It's going to be a long cold winter in Buenos Aires

    Great. So we're going to starve to death.
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    How to learn Spanish?

    Making friends with Argentines was the least difficult thing I did when coming here!
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    Having a surprisingly hard time selling an iPhone in CABA

    M That makes a lot of sense.
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    Having a surprisingly hard time selling an iPhone in CABA

    I finally seem to be having some interest from the WhatsApp/Slack digital nomad groups. I guess it makes sense... but we'll see if I actually manage to sell it. But I think you're right. No local is probably going to buy a 1500 dollar phone.
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    Having a surprisingly hard time selling an iPhone in CABA

    Maybe something to watch tonight then. Haha. I'm neither Spanish or a thief. Not that those are mutually exclusive.
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    Having a surprisingly hard time selling an iPhone in CABA

    I came here 4 weeks ago and brought with me an unopened iPhone 13 Pro. Theoretically as a way to have some extra cash down here. I see they are often priced on Mercado Libre (the cheapest new ones) for around 1500 usd. However, I've posted all over Facebook groups, marketplace and MercadoLibre...
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    More new arrival questions

    When I came here I tried finding an apartment and after scraping Zonaprop and facebook I resorted to contact airbnb hosts to ask if they’d be interested in giving me a good price if I paid efectivo (pesos in cash). It’s a bit risky and you have to avoid using certain words to not get flagged...
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    Cost of dental braces in Argentina?

    Anyone heard of adult/lingual braces being done in Buenos Aires?
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    English speaking cleaning company?

    I moved into my new place today but it’s SO DIRTY. Like, I understand people wear shoes inside here but this place needs a DEEP cleaning. Like of dirt. Any companies that can do a thorough cleaning? Even windows, frames, the dishes and inside cabinets. Just… everything. Any companies you’d...