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    Transformer for sale (300 Watt capacity)

    transformer for sale 220-110 volt 300 watts paid 170pesos, take it for 100
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    La Salada
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    Nikon D40 Camera Kit For Sale

    plmk price on sb400
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    Looking for a printing shop for photography

    best quality, price, and service I have found in Buenos Aires: megaphoto @ jorge newbery 3489
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    Hipodromo Palermo

    Anyone know which days/times the horsies run?
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    Camera Rental

    There are several studios in Palermo hollywood that rent equipment- It's been a couple of years and I no longer have the information, but the guys at Megaphoto (Jorge Newbery 3489) will definitely have the addresses and phone numbers...
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    Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Arevalito (arevalo 1478), It's vegetarian and the menu changes daily
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    What do you all cook down here?

    last night I followed a recipe for a Quinoa/Sweet Potato stuffing, I used calabaza and some different vegetables, it was fantastic. It only took 20 minutes as well- I do a lot of stirfrys as well. Get some sauces from one of the...
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    The Ideal Life in Baires

    I like the urban decay, the graffiti, Argentine spanish, the bus drivers with shrines, the national anthem playing on every radio station at midnight, the cemetaries, the pots and pans, the barra bravas, the underground market at Diagonal Norte, the humidity, jamon crudo, the cafe culture...
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    Coca Mate - Interesting to try

    brought boxes of mate de coca back from Peru to NY on several occasions and never had a problem
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    hey does anyone have a bicycle for sale, or have a good recommendation of a shop? I'm looking to buy a road bike asap Ev
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    The Ideal Life in Baires

    Other than BradlyHale, maybe people can add some insight on some non-consumption based likes and dislikes. ...Just a thought, as these threads get very repetitive :)
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    here's a link to an older mixtape from El Remolon, another cumbia digital zizek guy- more of a dub/tropical mix, I like it a lot has all of the newer stuff people are putting...
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    Moving to BA - San Telmo

    Where is the Peruvian spot in San Telmo and how is it?
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    Rant: If you don't know how to make the drink, just tell me...

    Surely he can make a mean fernet y cola ;)
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    Flying to Argentina with more electronics than a normal person

    I arrived in BA with my photography equipment: 2 laptops, 2 DSLRs, lenses, off camera flashes, stands, umbrellas, and had no issue at all. One laptop was relatively new with less than a month of usage. I was questioned and allowed through with no issues. I'm returning next month with more...
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    makeup artists/hair stylists?

    Are there any makeup artists or hair stylists on the forum here? I'm a photographer, returning to BsAs next month and am looking for people who may be interested in collaborating...
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    Free volunteering?

    This organization is within Capital Federal and offers the fairest opportunity to volunteer regarding 'fees.' Just checked, they ask for a $25-$50 one time donation, depending on how long you stay. Then you have to pay for your own transportation. A friend volunteered with them in 2009 and...
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    online photo store

    Check out the camera shops on Libertad between Lavalle and _____ (cant remember, havent been in BsAs for a year :P )...there are several, best is E&H - same logo as B&H, naturally.
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    Photography course? a friend of mine took classes with her and highly recommends...