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    asado anyone?

    Howard Thanks again for organizing....we had a great time....BTW, did anyone happen to get a pic of Jason falling over into the drain? Would be great for our blog! Was great to meet everyone and we will miss you guys and BA! Has been a fab stop on our trip so far. Here is our blog. Keep...
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    asado anyone?

    Howard, we'll be there too. -Jamie and Jason
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    Colonia 90 days almost not extended accidentaly?

    quick question - my 90 days will be up next week, but I have a trip planned the following week out of the country already. What will happen if I don't do the trip to Colonia next week? Is it just a fine (and if so how much)? Will they let me leave the country? Will they not let me back...
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    Exercise in BA ...without subtitles

    i suggest spinning classes. i have very basic spanish and its no problem and a great workout. you just need to learn, up, down, jump, resistance and a few others and you are good to go.
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    importing to argentina

    Hi, am looking for some advice please from folks who have already set up a business here importing products from offshore to be sold here. I am looking to import a 'vitamin' type product to be sold at drug stores but not containing any actual drugs. Its not exactly that, but close enough for...
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    eyebrow waxing/threading

    I have been to a place on the south west corner of Thames and Honduras in Palermo Soho that I am happy with. I have sensitive skin and am very nervous about going to someone new for my eyebrows but was very happy there.
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    asado anyone?

    sounds like fun to me....
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    Expats meet up this Friday night

    thx Howard for organizing....Jason and I had a great time out. My head is suffering a bit today, but was worth it :)
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    Expats meet up this Friday night

    My boyfriend and I will stop by as well. See you tonight.
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    Need a cleaning lady please!

    ironically, just found someone about 5 mins after I made this post. so all set. thanks for the quick reply mini.
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    Need a cleaning lady please!

    HI, I am here in a friend's flat for a few months and need someone once a week to come and clean. We are in Palermo Soho. Does anyone have a good cleaning lady that is looking for extra work one day a week for a few months? After reading another thread about someone getting sued by their...
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    Shipping to Canada

    just went to correo argentino today. mailed 2 packages to the UK. Needed to split into to as it had to be under 2kg each. They sold me the boxes for 6 pesos each. and the shipping with 'track and trace' cost 114 pesos each. Was pretty straightforward. Write address to / from on box itself...
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    Anybody need a housekeeper? Mine is looking for more clients....

    spanish should be ok we'll figure that out. can you send me the contact info if she's interested in some short term work please? [email protected]
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    sending packages to UK

    Sorry if this has been covered many times, but... I am sending a very belated xmas gift to the UK for my boyfriend's nieces and nephews. Is DHL the best way to go here to be safe? Any idea of the costs and do I have to pay customs charges? Thx.
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    Anybody need a housekeeper? Mine is looking for more clients....

    Hi, yes, am interested. Am only here for a short while, but would be great. Can you send me the details to [email protected] Also, do you leave her alone in your flat?
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    Little intro - Hi from Jamie

    Hi, Just to introduce myself. My boyfriend and I are on a one year (maybe more, depending on funding) trip around the world. We left London in Sept and are planning to stay in BA at least a month (maybe more, are thinking to make this our south american base), We are staying in Palermo Soho...
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    I haven't looked for Lactaid yet, but what I did find is Lactose reduced milk in the larger / nicer supermarket. It comes in the half size portion in the cold section and claims to be 80% lactose reduced.
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    English speaking doctor required

    A medical doctor is the type I require, and I have no idea about budget. I am covered by US healthcare insurance.
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    English speaking doctor required

    Can anybody please give me the details of an English speaking doctor in BA, preferably in the Palermo Soho area? Also, whilst doing searches for doctors it appears that they all work in hospitals. Is it the case that I will need to go to a hospital to see a doctor or do GP surgeries exist over...
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    Need to repair or replace a coffee table

    Hi, My boyfriend and I are spending some time living in BA and staying in a friend's spare apartment. We were ironing clothes last night, but as there was no ironing board here, we used the coffee table with a towel on top. This has left horrible discoloration marks all over the table. We...