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    Recommended Place To Unlock Phone (That's Not 120 Pesos?)

    If you have an Iphione from the US then go to E bay and search "Unlock I Phone" you will get a few hundred hits and they charge from 10 USD to 100USD depending on many things but at the end I pick the cheap one as risk aversion and guess , They ask for some obscure numbers from your phone they...
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    Rewards For Bringing Us$ Back To Cristinaland

    well at least you end with a smile
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    Bono Argentino!??!!?

    Ok so lets leave all the money laundering aside and lets believe that all the dollars that will come in to the Bonos is legal and hard earned. so let me see if I get I give the government 1,000 USD they give me a paper with the AFIP seal that says this is worth 1,000 USD to the bearer is...
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    Imperfect Translators Are Often Useful

    Google translate for day to day things .................I don't think they have a degree
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    Is The Global Entry System Worth Joining?

    best thing since sliced bread if you travel back to the US frequently
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    American Girlfriend And Argentinian Boyfriend

    Be mindful that getting the spousal visa and or a green card as resident is a pre requisite for a work permit , so at times estimated for these two processes add a few more months at least 6 to get a work permit , you cannot get a legal job in the US until you have this permit . Please not I...
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    3 Strikes Your Out.

    In the mean time get a second passport and alternate normally even when they keep electronic records they do not look at them too hard they look at your stamps , with a second passport normally works . I never do it in Argentina but in other places even when I got a banned entry stamp from...
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    Good Restaurants In Bsas

    Sanjuanino in callao my favorite so far
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    Just Got Here

    Thanks I ll make sure to go visit next round in two weeks I m back to Sh tonight
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    Just Got Here

    Thanks i will make sure to go visit in the next round in two weeks I m back to SH tonight
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    Just Got Here

    But off course BTW is there really many boricuas around ? any hang out place ?
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    Just Got Here

    Thanks to all ; regarding questions I have one what is the meaning of life ? and does anyone has the winning lottery numbers for next week ??????
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    The Dark Side Of The Expat Life

    It is funny I have seen this topic come up at one point or another in every Expat forum I have been to . The reality of things is that once you have done your second expat assignment ( most people do not survive the first one ) you are doomed no one explains this to you and everyone is always...
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    Just Got Here

    I was born in Puerto Rico but moved out many years ago living in Shanghai for the last 9 months and just started traveling here again will move here by January traveling every two weeks :(
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    Can I Marry My Argentine Partner While I Am Visiting?

    You will also need a certificate from the US embassy to validate you are not currently married and or certification of your divorce pares if you are divorced
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    So We Think Argentina Is A Mess?

    It is all a big conspiracy , to start war and the end of the civilized world as we know it , but who si behind it
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    Gringos In Ba Living With The Us Dollar Must All Be Happy

    Money is'nt everything but is a lot easier to cry in the back of a Mercedes than in the back of the bus , and while you can not buy happiness is always available for lease . WAKE UP
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    Tailoring Services For Alternation Of Custom Made Suits?

    Guys what is the going price at the high end and the reasonable one to get a suit tailor made here ? I m kind of stuck and will need a couple made quite soon . I will like to compare with what will cost in SH ( about 150USD for a two piece and a shirt ) can it be done here for that kind of money...
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    Your Argentine Accent In The Us. Feel Strange?

    Spanish is like humans we are not created all equally and you must be careful when changing countries as some words that are very common and friendly in one country could have a whole different connotation in another , Funda = bag in Cuba for example , Bolsa = bag in Santo Domingo , Bolas =...
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    Int'l Fast Food And Casual Dining Chains...

    Fast food chains depend on flavoring agents to keep consistent taste around the world , with the import impositions of the government in Argentina it is from difficult to impossible for these chains to get a real supply .hence it would be very rare to get the same taste in a KFC here than in...