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    Do not bank with Santander Río!

    Well, I guess, in your everyday life, you should not rely on instant international money transfers from some Estonian? British? company.
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    How to force a bank to release my money ?

    Hi PaulBee, Did they revert the wire and send the money back to your US account? Or did they release them here in Argentina?
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    1000`s T V Channels + Internet Access ..... For Free !!!!!

    Hi khairyexpat, There is such thing as Television Digital Abierta. Free digital over-the-air local TV. You can find out location of the closest transmission station here. If it is less than 5 km, you are likely to get decent reception with an internal TV antenna. I am getting about 16 channels...
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    Express bus line No. 8 to Ezeiza for $19.70 pesos

    Moovit has a map of the route. It looks like it does not go to Liniers at all. No service on the weekends.
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    Account in US Dollars

    Bank Santander Rio bought Citibank retail business in Argentina back in 2016. Are you a Santander Rio's client?
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    Why is this forum so quiet?

    I've heard there is a special place in Las Canitas. Like an elite terrace bar or something. And all the people who have left this forum are sitting there drinking their martinis. They are permanently engaged in highly intellectual and very entertaining conversations, and you cannot detect even a...
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    The crisis of Argentine gradualism

    The crisis of Argentine gradualism ( When he was unexpectedly elected Argentina’s president in 2015 Mauricio Macri faced a task that was about as simple as walking a tightrope across the Iguazú falls while grilling a steak. His predecessor, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, had...
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    Selling Dollars At Bank

    You transfer online from account in dollars to account in pesos. Then you withdraw some pesos from your debit card next time you do your grocery shopping, or just use your debit card that is now accepted everywhere. No walking around with cash. No risk that you get cheated by the exchange this...
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    How to get money *out* of Argentina?

    There is no reason to do this anymore. As long as you can justify origin of the funds and have a dollar account here, just go to your bank and request a wire transfer. The account needs to be approved first for "comercio exterior" and it may take a week or two, but everything is done through...
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    Which phone do you usually use?

    Just use your regular phone if its price is under 1000 dollars. I would not carry something like this one around, though.
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    A city of style and sizzle

    Buenos Aires: A city of style and sizzle (National Geographic) Welcome to Argentina’s capital, where European sophistication meets Latin passion—and the streets are a-tango 24/7.
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    State Workers Protest April 5

    Buenos Aires Strikes Again: State Workers Protest April 5 (Telesur) Since December the administration of right-wing President Mauricio Macri has let go over 1,000 state employees, including hundreds of state radio workers following IMF austerity recommendations. The Buenos Aires province...
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    Is Argentina Finally Cracking Down On Corruption?

    Is Argentina Finally Cracking Down On Corruption? (Forbes) Argentina has long been viewed as a high risk country for corruption where foreign companies may be placed at risk of violating anti-corruption laws in their home jurisdictions... Over the last few years the business culture in...
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    DNI // Passport number to use a prepaid cell phone card

    sebas, If you are concerned about privacy, buy a SIM card from a kiosco. They come preactivated with some random name of an account owner. Everything else works the same otherwise.
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    Overstaying 90-day limit

    jbeas176, So, you didn't overstay your visa at all. It's been 81 days since you entered the country. And the airline just asked you to confirm your entry date with immigration, since your entry stamp was missing, right? So much drama :) Glad to hear everything went OK.
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    Argentine first names

    The government published Argentine first names data from Registro Nacional de las Personas since 1922. The most common first names are Juan and María, followed by Carlos and Beatriz. The longest male first name is "Francisco Alfredo Del Perpetuo Socorro". The longest female first name is...
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    Woman refused entry into BA nightclub for being 'too fat'

    Woman banned from birthday party after nightclub bouncer said she was 'too fat to come in' ( Agustina Rios Martinez said a bouncer banned her from the Rose in Rio club in the Buenos Aires, Argentina when she arrived with her boyfriend. She says the couple had been invited to a...
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    Inside Argentina's jockey school

    Inside Argentina's jockey school ( On the outskirts of Argentina's sprawling capital Buenos Aires there is a school providing an unlikely opportunity for teenagers from all over the country.
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    Macri’s Argentina: Is This Time Different?

    Macri’s Argentina: Is This Time Different? ( They are doing exactly the same as liberals have done in the past and we’ll see exactly the same pendular swing back to Peronism when it breaks down. Going further back in history, it is easy to see this government's policies as...
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    Can't get a mobile plan anymore?

    On a prepaid or a postpaid plan?