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    "According to Tom Rose, chairman of the Association of Americans Resident Overseas‘ Committee on Social Security and Medicare, the legislation doesn’t have any effect on Americans abroad, except that it exempts them from the penalty for not subscribing to health insurance in the United States...
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    Yeah, and yet I prefer it to a Kindle. Go figure.
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    prescription ran out before i did....

    Try another farmacia, not a chain like Farmacity, but a neighborhood one. Just explain the situation and, if you have it, bring your prescription bottle from the states. I've found the smaller places to be accomodating and understanding. It might also help if you do it in Palermo, where they are...
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    Suprisingly, there's no problem with the iPhone at all, sunlight or scrolling. And I've got it with me all the time. It's great.
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    It's great, but you should note that if you've got an iPhone, or an iPod touch you can download a free app for it and read them that way without spending the 300 bucks -- I prefer it to the actual Kindle. About 40% of the things that I want to read are available through Kindle, with no...
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    Vietnamese Pho?

    There's no pho at Sudestada, but it's one of the best South East Asian restaurants I've been to here, or anywhere. Green Bamboo is nice, but Sudestada is good enough that I'd bring people in town visiting.
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    Andrea Style Recommendation for Rentals!

    She's terrific. I recommend her to everyone.
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    Wanting to move to BA

    I second Katster's suggestion to take things with a grain of salt -- this place is totally what you make of it, and there are a lot people who prefer to grumble about broken sidewalks and the lack of peanut butter than to enjoy the amazing, hot, charmingly dysfunctional city. It's a challenge...
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    New Entry "Reciprocity" Fee for US, Canada, Australian Citizens...

    So is it just being charged on the actual ticket, or are they collecting it at their airport? I'm going out of the country to Brazil in a few weeks, and bought the ticket a month ago, before all this.
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    Nescafe Gold - available in BA?

    Yes, I think I've bought some either at Jumbo or Disco.
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    What's Wrong with the Young Guys in BA??

    Can someone please explain the lady hammer pants to me? Are they entirely local, and relatively native, or a recent trend, and do they appear in other cultures? Do they contain diapers? Do portenas find them flattering? I've discovered or made up answers to most other questions about portenos...
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    What are Christmas Day & New Year's Day like here in BA? What's open and closed?

    Are there collectivos? Or trains? I'm supposed to go to San Isidro and a friend is going to the airport that day.
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    Making Copies of Keys

    Does anyone know what type of places will copy keys for you? I have visitors coming and have only one set.
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    There's medication for that .....
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    So many Laxatives but no Pepto Bismol!?!?

    They have Mylanta, under the Mylanta brand name as pastillas/masticables. It's the closest that I got to something for an upset stomach that's neither here nor there.
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    The Land of Milk and Honey

    The Keebler Union prohibits the exports of unicorns, however, so don't get any ideas.
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    English Book exchange & soiree this Sunday 5th- 8pm

    I'm interested too -- I just finished the last English book I have. Will you PM me details?
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    Senior Goldman Sachs people arming themselves

    Un-wad thy ropa interior, it's less like an article and more like "commentary" with an anecdote.
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    Drivers Licence

    Do I definitely need to secure an international drivers license to drive a rental car down here? I'm down here for a few months and hadn't planned on driving, but now I'm thinking of going on a road trip.
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    Bus travel within Brazil and to BsAs

    You really get around, Bradley. Any recommendations in Southern Brazil aside from Rio?