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    Traveling to ARG from the US

    Hello everyone, I'm an Argentine citizen nationalized US, currently living in the US. I need to travel to ARG ASAP but Im not sure about the current restrictions. They are asking for a million certificates and paperwork, the last thing I want is to be stranded in customs and be sent back to the...
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    Peña del Colorado

    I will definitely have to go there sometime!
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    Is Argentina still banning Americans from entering the country?

    I am Argentinian by birth, but also a US citizen. I don't know when I will be able to get a flight to come to Argentina, but that's a secondary concern to me. The big question is, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, whether I'd be allowed to enter the country, either as an Argentinian or as an...
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    Peña del Colorado

    There were a lot of salteños which used to gather together at another peña, also in Palermo, called Los Cardones. It used to be on Borges St. but I think the location changed over time. I wonder if it will survive the pandemic or be doomed to go out of business too.
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    Peña del Colorado

    It used to be a very popular venue back in the day in Palermo neighborhood. I've been told it closed a while ago. Where do argentine folk music lovers hang out now in the Capital Federal area? (or used to hang out, before the pandemic.)
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    Does the travel ban really end today?

    According to the Argentinian embassy, the travel ban ends on August the 30th, but the government reserves the right to extend it. The US embassy still advices not to travel to Argentina. When do you think it would be safe for residents abroad to travel again?
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    BA Expat Indeed

    I have investments on real estate, but when I first came to the US I had to compete with illegals for blue-collar jobs. This is the beauty of America though; you can disagree with Trump and still complain about immigration issues. The problem comes when we get involved in a false dialectic, such...
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    "Opulent" Buenos Aires hypocrisy

    Alberto's populism (and the Kirchners') is the kind that stirs up hate amongst the social classes, which allows them to get the votes of the poor and thus come to power. But they will never give up their wealth in favor of the needy. On the contrary they will keep accruing riches. And people...
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    BA Expat Indeed

    Guess I shouldn't complain too much about taxes; our returns have been pretty generous every year. But with the Trump admnistration the wealthy get more tax cuts than the average working class. I don't know about Argentina, I've been gone for too long like somebody said. I've heard that the tax...
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    BA Expat Indeed

    I had to acquire significant debt to enroll in college. Income taxes, pretty much taxes on everything. Many employers hire illegal immigrants and I don't think they should share the same benefits as those of us who entered this country legally. There are issues on racism, discrimination, police...
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    BA Expat Indeed

    Hello everyone! I'm an expat the other way around. I was born and raised in Argentina, lived in BA for about 10 years, then emigrated to the USA and been living in NC for 7 years to-date. The future looks uncertain for me in the States, so I might have to return to Argentina at some point. Then...