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    Minister of Justice Anibal Fernandez says Brothels prevent rape

    Hey Expats! I'm a London-based journalist and former BsAs resident, writing on the Wikileaks cables. One released in April ( reveals that Minister of Justice Anibal Fernandez said brothels in Santa Cruz "have...
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    An alternative to Cementerio de la Recoleta.

    Cementerio de la Chacarita The ritual of burial has never really appealed to me, as the thought of my body slowly rotting beneath the ground upon which I once trod seems somewhat undignified. This opinion was however altered on my first visit to ‘Cementerio de la Recoleta’, where throngs...
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    Hostels and Cheap Rentals

    Hey, I stayed at Ostinatto Hostel in San Telmo and had a great time there (it's on Chile/Chacabuco), if you stay there try to get a dorm at the front as they have little balconies. But there are a lot of nice hostels in San Telmo, I haven't heard any horror stories! Try for...
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    Does anyone know where the US presidential inauguration is being screened on Tuesday? Or if there are any no-more-George-Bush festivities happening in BA?!
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    Expat lunch, Tuesday, 20 January

    hey, this sounds good, count me in!
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    New to BA...staying until August

    Hola! I arrived at the end of December from London - sounds like there are a lot of newbies wanting to meet up! Does anyone want to set a date this week for drinks? I'm in San Telmo but get the feeling most of BA Expats are in the north of the city? Rosie :-)
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    Asian supermarket?

    I'm on the hunt for an asian supermarket - Indian, Chinese, South-East Asian...the usual supermarkets here seem quite limited! I'm in San Telmo so that area would be great, although am interested in others too! Thanks.