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    Expat Lunch March 17th at 1 PM!

    Thank you for arranging. See you there. Seth
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    Radiohead tickets

    Hello, my name is Seth, and I would like to buy your extra ticket to the Radiohead Concert. I am located in Recoleta. Is it still available?
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    Anyone know a good pool for lap swimming??

    Hello all, I would appreciate any recommendations for public/reasonably priced private pools around Palermo/Recoleta where I can do lap swimming. Please advise. Thanks
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    Tennis Anyone?

    Hello Michelle, My name is Seth. I will be in BA from 3/3-4/9. I am at an intermediate level as you mentioned, but just one problem, I did not bring my racket down with me. I may just go buy one here or if you have an extra, I may ask if I could borrow that from you. I'm 31 from Portland...