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    Writers Night

    Any one have interest in some kind of Writers' Meet-Up night? It could take any form, and whatever level of seriousness people wanted. I'm here working on a novel and some other projects, and just want to meet some other writers/novelists/journos. Email me at [email protected] or post a...
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    I haven't even read the whole thread. These postings get so bitchy, sometimes it is difficult.Just to prove your point: This week I tried to get two round trip tickets to Cordoba from BA. I put in my order to purchase them at $750 peso, but when they "found out" I had a foreign credit card, they...
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    Watching the Belmont at the Hipodromo!

    I was going to post something about this. I'm definitely trying to watch the race, and I'd rather just go to a sports bar, but this might be the best option. If enough people get interested we could do an Expat Belmont Party or something. I'm also not buying into the "this is THE ONE" hype...
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    Expat drinks night/meetup?

    When is the next meetup or drinks night for expats? I'm arriving in BA April 15, and would like to meet some people.... I'm 28/m, and moving to BA from New York.
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    Galloping inflation

    If prices go up as much as it sounds like they're going up, that's bad. Especially if the exchange rate is staying the same.
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    Bank account?

    Well put.... I'll take that into consideration.
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    anyone going to patagonia next month?

    Ali, I'm intrigued. I'm getting to BA in mid-April and am trying to do some traveling early...before reality and my lack of money set in. Send me a note if you want to discuss it further.
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    Bank account?

    I think you can at least avoid the fees with an HSBC Premier account...but you have to keep a $100k balance, at least in the U.S. It all sounds like way, way to much of a hassle.
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    Getting a cell phone in BA

    So I can get my phone "unlocked" down there? And then just buy a chip and some prepaid minutes? I'm bad with technology, but anyway it doesn't sound like this is going to set me back too much money.
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    Bank account?

    Jeez....that's pretty bleak. I think I'll just take the fees. Do you have an HSBC account in the U.S.? If so, you'd think that might work in your favor. You're probably both right...its just not worth the trouble.
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    Bank account?

    Is it worth it to get a bank account in BA, and what are the problems/complications associated with this? I'm not sure how long I'll be there, but it will at least be a few months. And I found out my bank charges a 3% fee on all cash withdrawals and credit card transactions, even though it has...
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    Getting a cell phone in BA

    70 pesos? That's cheaper than I expected. My U.S. cellphone isn't unlocked, so I've got to leave it here. Thanks for the response!
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    Getting a cell phone in BA

    Can anyone offer any advice on getting a cellphone in BA? I'm going to be there for at least three months, and don't think I'll have a permanent address for longer than a month at a time. What does it cost to rent a phone and do the pre-paid route? Is that even possible down there?
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    Free Accomodation Hostels In BA

    Bitten by a monkey? This is just too f*cking interesting to pass up.I don't know anything about Free Hostels, but I'd sincerely like to hear about the monkey bite in Bolivia. My E-mail is grantc[email protected], I'm coming to BA in mid-April.
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    Barrio Norte

    Hello, I've located a place in Barrio Norte, can anybody give me a brief lowdown on this neighborhood? I remember it being close to Recoleta, but beyond that I don't know anything about it. Thanks...
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    New in town, what I LIKE about BsAs

    I definitely agree with you on the steak and wine part. I never ate so well in my life. I was there for a week in August and I gained 10 pounds, no joke. Even just going to the grocery store was a treat. In general, the food was better quality and cheaper than in the U.S., but I've found that in...
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    San Telmo

    Can anybody give me a brief description of San Telmo in terms of nightlife, day-life, general location within the city, safety, etc.? I was in BA for a week in August, but only went to San Telmo once. Am moving to BA in February and searching for places to live.