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    Travelling With Argentinian Children To Europe

    This happened to us. My wife and I were travelling with our two young children (both with US passports and Argentine DNIs), flying out of Ezeiza. Thinking that we did not need the permiso if both parents were present, we had left the document it at home. No amount of cajoling would sway them. We...
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    Cerati Who ???

    There's an excellent obit in the NYTImes today:
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    Cerati Who ???

    It is not fair in this case to point to a lack of "international knowledge" in the US as the reason for Cerati's relative obscurity there. I agree that he was a superb musician. But it's a fact (and an unfortunate one) that he was pretty much unknown in the non-spanish-speaking...
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    Cerati Who ???

    I'm not a big Rock Nacional fan. But I definitely get Cerati. Great guitar player, good voice (for rock n roll), excellent harmonic sense, and highly intelligent and articulate. He also seems to have been a genuinely nice person. He was very well-like by folks in the music community here. His...
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    Have You Experienced Prejudice Or Racism In Argentina?

    I'm not saying this is a representative sample, but I once had this exchange with a BA taxi-driver.... Taxi-Driver: "Hay mucho racismo en Estados Unidos." Yanqui passenger: "Sin duda, como en todas partes." Taxi-Driver: "En la Argentina el racismo no existe." Yanqui passenger: "Ah no?"...
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    Electric Guitar Through Eze?

    I've gone through Ezeiza dozens of times with guitars. Never had a problem. Having said that, they are more suspicious of instruments that appear to be brand new.
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    Witnessed A Robbery...

    Sorry your day is ruined, Iznogud. If it helps any, I'm about to go out for a walk in Rosedal. I'll be the one looking really stupid. If we do cross paths, and if the robbery is successful (which of course it will be, since I am exceedingly stupid), please know that the whole thing will have...
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    Witnessed A Robbery...

    I was going to say something highly critical of this person's "personal opinion". But now I worry that doing so might "define [my] mentality [as] pretty low." So instead I'll just quote these two pearls from IABhutto and let them speak for themselves.
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    American Club

    A friend invited me to lunch at the American Club the other day. I had never been. The food was good. The dining room has a spectacular view of the Teatro Colon. I'm curious about this place. Any members in this forum? Anyone have any opinions? Thanks. - Richard
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    Make Up Of Our Ba Community

    I'm from NY (Lawn Guyland). My Argentine wife and I moved down here with our 2 kids in 2000. Musician, age 52. Probably staying put here.
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    Is A Violent Insurrection Ever Morally Defensible?

    To live outside the law you must be honest. - Bob Dylan
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    Leaving Eze With $10,000 - Advice

    I can't speak to entering the UK with that amount of cash. But you can enter the USA with up to 10K without declaring it. There should be no problem.
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    Helping The Flood Victims From Abroad

    Friends in the US have asked me how they might contribute to help the flood victims in La Plata. In addition to the Red Cross, there is also HelpArgentina, a 501-C(3) ONG. They've just set up a special fund for the purpose. Here's the link. http://www.helpargen...en/fondolaplata HelpArgentina...
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    La Plata Flooding

    And Red Solidaria is announcing that tomorrow (beginning at 5pm) they'll be collecting donations at the Franz Ferdinand concert at the Planetarium.
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    Right now supplies are being collected and loaded onto flatbed trucks down at the Cathedral (Plaza de Mayo). They need water, packing tape, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, clothing, baby formula - basically anything and everything. If anyone's interested, I've got station wagon here in Belgrano...
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    La Plata Flooding

    Bump. These poor souls need help!
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    Best Telo in BA

    Time constraints do have their charms as well.....
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    Thanks to Dennisr for starting a thread on the flooding (over in the "Articles" forum). I thought it might be useful to start one here as well. The situation is very bad. Many people need basic supplies. For anyone interested in lending a hand, here are some links...
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    La Plata Flooding This organization is serious. They do good work. I wouldn't hesitate to donate money to them. But if that makes you queasy, bring over some supplies to one of the addresses listed on their site.
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    How To Deal With Extremely Aggressive Panhandlers?

    I go case by case. Sometimes I just can't help it (old ladies, like someone here said, or a young down and out couple with a baby, the blind, maimed, and all the other variations of genuine human misery in this city). Other times, for whatever reason (security, bad vibe), I just either put on my...