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    volunteering in BA

    braytrain my point was you shouldnt call people "retards",and you called me a retard as my spelling is wrong ,i have dyslexia...go on say something smart about that .Do you not think what you said in your first post was offensive and ignorant?
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    volunteering in BA

    You sound like an arragent asshole ,looking down your nose at people doing great work on the gardens at the hospitals ! They are doing it to make the patients surroundings more hospitable ! You say"retarded" , you fail the first step in humanity .
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    Are you famous, semi-famous or potentially semi famous?

    im a piss-artist....."theres the bar ,choose your wepons!!!"
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    Work visa with a record??? HELP

    what where the natures of your crimes? they must be bad if you cant be upfront with your work !
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    Am I a little nuts to choose BA? Help.

    No your not nuts at all , your young , you have a little money in your back burner,carefree attitude ! It's not like your moving to live.iv been going to Argentina for years ,and sure it's nowhere near as cheap than the good old days , but still I recommend u go , just get reasonable lodgings...
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    Irish guy moving to Ba

    thynes23 ,why would u want to move all the way from ireland to change the sceanery,and end up hanging out with loads of people from home in irish bars!!!!singing the feilds of athenryyyyyyyyy....
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    I am new in town from Miami, FL

    What brings u to ba
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    THE KILLKENNY 60 peso two pints wtf

    The city's not wat is was ,over priced and service quite bad...let's be honest why travel all the way to burnis aires to be ripped off at any given change and not even a smile when they do year I'll hit rio ,the party's over in b a..pity I was hoping to stay out there
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    flatmate wanted

    i beg ur pardon ,i tought u ment dollars ,excuse me....
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    flatmate wanted

    900 us dollars a month !!!!!!!! get real...what is happening to the city.
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    THE KILLKENNY 60 peso two pints wtf

    yeah its a shame,when greed kicks in,and the place hasnt had a lick of paint since i first started going,dam shame....can anyone recomend any good bars like irish/sports bar,good music and fair price for a pint more importantly,come on its buenos aires not cannes!!
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    THE KILLKENNY 60 peso two pints wtf

    :mad::mad: have been traveling to buenos aires on a regular basis for the last decade,and i used to always have a few pints in the killkenny,up untill last febuary ,went on a quiet week night nor othere people in the bar...asked for two pints and was charged 60 pesos!!!!! thats works out nearly...
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    I am selling Jeep Grand Cherokee. Anyone interessted???

    wow ur lucky sounds like a cool trip
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    volunteer work...none free

    hey everyone ,im realy interested in doing some volunteer work in b a... iv been looking on line and am suprised to see that you have to pay to do this!!!! how can this be ,as im offering to help otheres for nothing but i have to pay a company to get me started..if anyone knows charitys or...
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    byt stay .com ......
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    Looking for bar that shows College Football

    the blue oister on 6969 bone avenue......
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    Boca juniors match

    hahah well said eclair.....,id gladly take u to a match...
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    World cup ,who wins

    well said steve...but go on have guess
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    World cup ,who wins

    come on win a prize ,tell me who you think will win the rugby world cup....its very open...
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    its to orangie for crows ....kioraaaaaaa