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    A Pozo: Which To Choose?

    i must say... it's hard to imagine all the things that can go wrong in these new buildings from lack of decent construction. the last building i lived in was 3 years old. lovely to look at. yet, every morning (mostly in the winter) the windows were covered in condensation. so much so that if i...
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    New Family In Ba

    mmoon, a ferry does exist. i've never taken it but here's a link: Service M-F
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    Where Did All The Black Beans Go?

    i noticed the same on white beans - any brand - both in disco and coto...
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    Ultima Prórroga, Expired Visa. Safe To Travel Domestically?

    Thanks again all. I'm with you ARBound - unfortunately I wouldn't question being targeted for racism if I had a dark complexion -- in many parts of the world. But when I have gone in and out of Argentina in the 1.5 years I've been here (to US and Europe), they certainly have scrutinized my...
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    Ultima Prórroga, Expired Visa. Safe To Travel Domestically?

    Thank you for your replies. I do hope/believe that if I leave the country that they will allow me to re-enter. And I also hope I don't have to stay away for longer than two weeks. But my current concern is traveling WITHIN Argentina by plane - on an expired visa (and an Ultima Prórroga). Will...
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    Hi There. New To The Forum But Not To Ba.

    I have few friends here in BA but many of you all entertain me. Call me a lurker. I click on BAExpats more than I should... and enjoy each of the personalities but also getting clued in on a number of different topics. I will now be posting and questioning about the difficulties of being...
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    Ultima Prórroga, Expired Visa. Safe To Travel Domestically?

    So clearly I've been here a few months... and now I seem to be one of the few lucky ones with the kiss of death...Ultima Prórroga. But I would like to travel internally. And it seems things have gotten much stricter August 2013. Does anyone have any anecdotal or concrete information about...