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    taking a job in ARG; some advice plz

    By all accounts the peso will fall dramatically over the next year. You would be foolish to take a job in pesos.
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    Trying to get to Rio WITHOUT FLYING

    It's not about price I'm willing to pay more for a boat if anyone knows that. Flying sucks.
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    Trying to get to Rio WITHOUT FLYING

    I don't like flying and I didn't enjoy my last flight BA-Rio. Time is no problem for me. I'd like to know if anyone has experience taking buses there, or maybe even a boat, or any other way. Thanks.
  4. J

    Traveling by bus or car to Iguazu and farther...

    Anyone here have experience with taking buses for long distances? What's the best company for traveling to Iguazu? And is the "cama" service really OK? I read that it is, but I get impatient, etc. Also curious if anyone has any car rental tips. I like to drive, how much would it be to rent a...
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    Gym/Martial Arts in Recoleta

    If you find good bjj here let me know, the place to do that of course is across the border. Best martial art is boxing though! There are some places for that I think. Megatlon is crap, it's overpriced and full of middle-aged wives and the personal trainers who want to get with them, also a...
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    Just moved to Palermo

    Teaching English in BA might be hard now. I'm going to send you PM.
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    Good gym in Palermo?

    Where in Palermo? You can check out Megatlon, they have branches all over and one in the Alto Palermo Mall, but they're expensive per month...$100. Much better I think is "Well Club" which is around half the price per month. They also have different branches. The best one is at Arenales and...
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    Best Pre-club bar??

    What are some good bars to go to before heading out to a club? Here I am drinking by myself again before I go out. The only ones I know are Milion and Gran Bar Danzon but I'm bored of them and I'd also like something with younger people. I'd prefer something where you don't have to wait in line...
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    Most Traditional City

    It doesn't exist. I also like that in BA you see the older men all dressed up and fewer people looking like slobs like you get in most American cities. But your children will grow up among young people. You're concerned about cosmetic matters that won't really affect anything. If you dress your...
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    Info on traveling to Brazil

    This sounds a LOT more complicated than what I had to do get the visa in the US. I got a 5 yr visa, and then when the 5 yrs were up I got a renewal. They never asked anything about employment, bank, etc., although the first time I went I did have to provide proof of vaccination against typhus...
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    Best source for week's events?

    What is it? Is it the daily "espectaculos" section of Nacion or Clarin? Kind of a hassle to look every day...isn't there like a weekly rag or online thing with all the events, like TimeOut in NY?
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    What's the best place to pick up girls??

    That's funny...still, I'd appreciate knowing about some places where hot Argentinian girls go out. Feel free to pm me if you're shy to post hehe
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    What's the best place to pick up girls??

    Yes...straightforward question...I notice bars like Gran Danzon or Milion are full of foreign/American girls (not so interested, I'm not here for that) or older people. And night clubs, most of them are so stuffed full of people and loud that the only option is to go up to a girl and just start...