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    Lunch and/or Dinner next week?

    This is a new thread to continue with the idea of getting together for lunch and/or dinner next week and beyond. How many could do either next Wednesday or Thursday (14th or 15th)? Dinner (maybe 9:30 or so) was sounding like it would work for at least a few. And the place, any suggestions?
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    OK, for anyone interested, look for a new thread for this today . . .
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    Hmmm . . . how many could make it for dinner next Wednesday or Thursday (Oct. 14th or 15th)? We can decide where when we figure out who's coming and from where.
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    Are there any more of these scheduled? If not, is anyone interested in putting one together sometime next week?
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    climbing gym

    If anyone here is looking for a climbing partner for any of these places, please let me know. After many years away from the sport, I'm looking to get back into it. Thanks. -Eric Auten (Palermo)
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    climbing partner ?

    Hola, I just saw your posting and I'm in a similar situation. Are you still looking for partners? Thanks. -Eric Auten (Palermo)