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    Eccentric art flourishes outside Buenos Aires

    This instagram account, The Walking Conurban, mentioned in that article, is really great... also was featured on Canal Encuentro.
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    Yeah, I’ve tried to see that specifically addressed in any of these news articles I’m reading, but haven’t yet… I’m not back in Argentina until December, otherwise I would test it out.
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    This MEP rate for foreign cards will include when taking pesos out of los cajeros automáticos, too? Or no?
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    Hello everyone

    Excellent comment.
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    River vs Boca - March 20th

    Not impossible at all to go to major Argentine league matches. I have gone to a couple pre-pandemic matches with you guys at I also recommended friends to you, as well, and everything went great ...including matches at La Bombonera. Glad to see you are getting going again...