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    Cat calling

    In one of the Mafalda comic strips, Susanita is NOT whistled at. Her comment is, ¿Y?
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    bikes in BA

    Buy a cheap bike on Craigslist and bring it; even with the $50 for baggage charges, it will be cheaper. Most of BA is very flat, so extreme gears aren't necessary. The trails in the Reserva Ecologica are a treat and a nice retreat from the city. Watch out for people opening doors unexpectedly...
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    spanish, tango teachers?

    I am a retired philosophy professor from the US and will be in San Telmo from 7 March to 7 April. I speak some Spanish and dance some tango and would like to learn how to do both better. I am looking for a tango teacher who is patient with beginners and would teach a systematic review of the...
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    Why not an LTH forum for BA?

    Oh, and by the way, have you tried the Japanese restaurant in the Japanese Association on Independencia? No frozen fish for their sashimi there; cut right off the fish flown in from Peru.
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    Why not an LTH forum for BA?

    I'm still in Milwaukee but just barely--3429 N. Newhall. My backyard is on Cambridge, so I have direct access to the bike trail. Yes, I like BA, but I don't want to come alone this time, so I am asking people in the local tango community to see if anyone can come with me. Those with the money...
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    Why not an LTH forum for BA?

    Ah, ha, a Mequonite. I live just W. of UWM. Thirteen of us local tangueros came down about 7 years ago, I think. I've been back four times since then. I'm familiar with the guiaoleo but the LTH forum does something special--it collects recommendations for the small but great neighborhood...
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    peruavian restaurant in BA

    Status is great; to avoid the crowds, just arrive early, say, at 8:00 pm.
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    Why not an LTH forum for BA?

    I live in Milwaukee, 90 miles N. of Chicago, and love to visit the ethnic restaurants in Chicago. I've been guided in searching for small, good, cheap restaurants by the LTH forum (LTH=Little Three Happiness, a chinese restaurant on Cermak). LTH recommendations often contain some pictures and...
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    Seeking room in San Telmo during Nov.

    I am a retired college professor who dances tango. I am looking for a quiet room--on a back street or cul de sac--during Nov. with the use of a kitchen. Even if you don't have a room for rent yourself, do you know of anyone who might have such a room? A friend in BA, Reina Hornos, can tell...
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    learning spanish- cheap alternatives

    In a previous forum, someone mentioned lessons on cd by Michel Thomas. I got copies of these from my local library (alas, in Milwaukee) and have been listening to them during my evening meal. I have never found anyone who is as good as Thomas at conveying how Spanish verbs work in a concise...
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    spanish tutors

    I speak and read some Spanish already--enough to follow a soap opera or read the news--but was curious about Michel Thomas. I took out a set of discs from the local library. After listening for half an hour, I can't think of a better way to learn a language. He has his students composing...
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    need power strip that takes USA plugs

    I am from the US which has 110v. mains but was able to use a powermac in Argentina with no problem. The power supply for the Apple supports 220 as well as 110.
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    From Boston to BsAs...

    Don't miss having a Peruvian meal at the Status restaurant on Virrey Cevallos, a block or so from the Congreso. It's very reasonable, very good, and not too crowded if you arrive at the unheard hour of 8:00 at night. Malba is a wonderful museum, if you haven't seen it. Take some tango lessons...
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    550/month one bedroom flat in villa crespo

    I just happened to see this ad. The landlady, Reina, is honest, fair minded, and very sane. Rent from her without any worries. Jim Mattea
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    Tap Water

    I've visited BA 5 times and always drank the tap water. I was usually healthier in BA than at home, though the difference might also be due to the wine and steak. Jim M.
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    A few years back, I had some shirts altered by some Russian ladies who have a small shop on Independencia and Piedras (on the N. side of Indpendencia, just a little beyond Piedras towards the W.) I think that the shop is still open. Jim Mattea
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    tango teachers or tango lessons?

    Where do you tango in the US? That will tell me what kind of training you might have. At any rate, you can't go wrong with lessons from Cherie & Ruben. She is Californian, Dance History Librarian and he is a milonguero. Both are charming and lovely folks. Not only might you need lessons in...
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    tango teachers or tango lessons?

    I am a retired philosophy professor in the US and will be visiting BA for the fifth time in March for about a month. I'm staying in San Telmo (Defensa and Independencia). I've danced tango in the US for a few years and am looking for some good group classes or private instructors. Any...
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    seeking room in San Telmo, March, April

    I am a retired philosophy professor from the US seeking a quiet room for rent in San Telmo with the use of a kitchen. I hope to take tango lessons and to bike around BA. I speak some Spanish. I wish to stay for a month or so, during March or during part of March and April. --I can adjust my...
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    Restaurant Recommendations

    I am not currently a resident of BA but visited for a month in March to take tango lessons. My tango teacher recommended 'Status' on Virrey Cevallos, a few blocks from the Congreso. I ate there three or four times--excellent food at reasonable prices. I'd go back. There's also a fine...