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    "Argentines risking all..." Associated Press

    OK.... Well the article said "With income tax compliance so low, the government seeks revenue in many other ways, imposing a 21 percent sales tax, bank transaction taxes, a "stamp tax" on business contracts, an annual "wealth tax" on personal property and many fees based on the declared...
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    Dumping Ecuador for Argentina

    REALLY??!?! REALLY?!?!?! 1 million Ecuadorians living and working in NYC? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you know what % of the population of NYC that would be?? About 12.5% (assuming roughly 8 million)!!! If you use METRO-NYC, it's still about 5%.(assuming roughly 20 million)!!! I...
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    Buenos Aires vs. Colombia

    Perfectly put The Jag. These women are definitely the craziest I've been around, even more crazy than the Colombians and Venezuelans I've known. Having said that, for me, it's the old question of the chicken and the egg. Are the women 'hysterica' b/c the way the men act, or is it that the men...
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    Most annoying thing I have EVER seen.

    Why the hell don't you just watch them online? They're all on: Then you don't have to worry a bit about anything.
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    I need to leave and come back, while I have issues?

    I just did it, except I went to Colonia. Absolutely no problems. But be aware, there is a pretty hefty charge at Ezeiza. Something to do with the 'tourist visa reciprocity'. That is, we charge Argies to enter the US on tourist visas. Ironically, they don't charge at BuqueBus. Only at the...
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    expired visa

    I would just recommend doing it no later than 90 days after it expired. That could cause you more trouble. As for a stamp saying you overstayed your visa, I'm not aware of that. I just overstayed my visa, paid the fine, and as far as I can tell, I have nothing in my passport saying that I did.
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    Hello, Can anyone recommend a dentist here in BA? I don't have insurance. The dentist need not speak English nor does he/she need to be amazing. Just looking for an inexpensive cleaning and check-up. Thanks.
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    looking for recommendations

    All you need to know..... LA BOMBA DE TIEMPO Centro Konex (Sarmiento 3131) Mondays, starting at 8pm (get there early to wait in line and get in before they start). Brazilian style percussion, with about 10-15 band members playing various drums, etc. at once. Great vibe, great energy, great...
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    Where does one stock up (in San Telmo?)

    Uhmm..... Did you do your research? San Telmo isn't remotely the same as Palermo. Good luck.
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    Why are there so many VISA violations?

    Sorry fifilafiloche, but have you ever stopped to think that the Argentines (and actually most all cultures) behave in this manner? I can think of countless conversations with Argentines where I'm being forced to endure an argument on how the Argentine way of doing something is vastly superior...
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    Apple Computer

    Trabano, Sleuth is right. Do not ship it. You WILL pay a lot in taxes if you do, and you don't want to have to deal with 'aduana' (customs in Argentina). I brought down a newer, larger, iMac for the landlord of a house I was working for. I actually packed it in checked luggage in protective...
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    Argentine Women Are All...

    Wait a minute!!!!! The last thing you want to do is compliment their country... Seriously, why lie?? Argentina better than the US?? If she truly believes that, do you really want to be with her?? Look, I'm not insulting Argentina by any means. I live here, I love it. But if a girl gives...
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    Golf anyone?

    Dude, I'm interested. Don't have my clubs down here, and kicking myself that I didn't ask my parents to bring them!!!! I shoot about the same, and live in Palermo. If you're interested and catching a round sometime soon, let me know. I've been in BA for about 8 months, but the only golf...
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    Tango Classes in Buenos Aires

    Hola, There's plenty of cheap group tango classes, usually before the milongas. You can go to any milonga and pick up a copy of El Tanguata which will list all the classes and milongas. There's a group of us (expats and portenos) who take classes together all the time. Feel free to contact...
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    Laptop safety at Wi-Fi Hotspots

    No offense, but I think folks are being a little to cautious. I see plenty of laptops in Palermo, Belgrano, Recoleta, etc. Treat it like you would treat any other valuable thing you owned.... with caution. Yes, I wouldn't take it with me on a walk in San Telmo, off the beaten path, around...
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    Sports Bars in BA

    Blondies on 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway... WAIT.. You mean... we're not in New York?? OOOOOhhhh man... that was some night last night....But seriously, I have no idea.. but similar interests... only soo much 'futbol' one can watch without watching some football.
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    Moving in September-help!

    Next thing you know, this guy's going to say he speaks no spanish!!!!Listen to the advice, Patch. And you might want to do a little more research. While Buenos Aires is on the inexpensive side (especially for what an amazing city it is and everything it has to offer), there's not exactly a...
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    New Conversation Practice Group

    YES!!!!!!Because all the expats logged into this site have absolutely no desire to practice their Spanish. That's the exact reason they came to Buenos Aires, get away from all those pesky 'Castellano'-phones, and finally, finally, get back to practicing the language(s) they've lived with their...
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    Return ticket necessary?

    Munch,I came down on a 1 way ticket without any return ticket. It is possible. I would have a story prepared about how you intend to travel South America and are unsure of where you will be departing home from. Now when I travel back to the US, I buy round-trip flights originating in BA. The...
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    Axialent Consulting - Job vacancies @ Feb 19th

    Uh.... Including you Mini. Those in glass houses.....