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    Getting Usd Out Of Uk Atms?

    No, why would they? USD aren't legal tender so UK cash machines only dispense GBP. For $$ your best bet is to just go to the post office and change what you need.
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    Repaying An International Loan With Pesos From Argentina

    Hi Dara Are you still in BA? I think you and I might be in the same situation and having dealt with this annual headache for the past 2 years it's a pain in the proverbial. After getting my usual ridiculous payment plan again this week and I decided to have a look at what exchange rate they...
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    Next Book Club Meeting!

    Hey, see you all tonight - @lacoqueta is there anything I can bring along refreshment wise? I will try to get there to as close to 7 as possible, but I won't be there on the dot - don't finish in the office til 7pm. Mary
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    Next Book Club Meeting!

    See you next week :) My kindle is proudly telling me I'm 95% of the way through, so a lazy Sunday in a coffee shop and I'm ready too book club. Brilliant choice of book - it's been a reading pleasure :)
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    Second Book Club Meeting

    A little conversation starter for this month's meeting. Looks like Murakami is a favourite for the nobel prize this year!
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    Second Book Club Meeting

    Yay! Wednesday at 7 would be perfect for me, although this month the 30th falls on my Friday off so I would be able to make it too. I'll get reading :)
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    Any Interest In Monthly Book Club?

    In in in!
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    Dni - Criminal Record Check

    Hi expats! Apologies, I know that there are already number of threads on this, but nothing since 2011 and given how processes are subject to change in Argentina, I wanted to be doubly sure before I send off one of the three forms in front of me! After a year and a half of living here on a...
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    Spanish Grammar Book

    Hi Deniz, I was actually left with a couple of grammar books when a friend of mine left when she went back home. They're just sitting on my shelf taking up space really, so you're more than welcome to them if you still need one. Oxford Spanish Grammar Larousse Conjucación Larrouse Gramática...
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    Hi ayuthaya I came across your thread <a...

    Hi ayuthaya I came across your thread <a href="" rel='nofollow external'...
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    Racquetball Court/partner ?

    I'm not sure where their courts are, but the YMCA advertise racquetball as one of their 'deportes' at the sede Parque. Only problem is that it's way down on the Pre-metro... There is a gym called Tennis Costa Rica in Palermo, which advertises squash and tennis courts - they might be able to...
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    Hi Juan, I'm living and working in Buenos Aires and always looking for a chance to speak more Spanish. Like you, my language level is quite high - I have a degree in Spanish and lived in Madrid before moving here in April - but I need to practice more to bring up my fluency. You still looking...
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    Transferring Money out of Argentina

    I don't think this would work - tried to do a similar thing through HSBC here & my UK account to pay off part of my student loan. Computer very definitely said no! If you find a way, I'd be very interested in finding out how!
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    Kindle Book Club? Or the like?

    Hi, is this book club still active? I've just moved to Buenos Aires and I'm looking to join a book club, and this sounds like an excellent idea! Thanks, Mary