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    How did you end up being an expat in Buenos Aires?

    Studied for seven years at U.B.A. Fell in love with numerous Argentine women, questioning my sanity with each one. Had to leave to restore my sanity in Miami, and just met a great Argentine woman here. Lithium here I come.
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    Buenos Aires --> Santiago shipping

    Why would you subject a cat to needless air travel. I would leave the cat with someone trusted in Bsas. I have seen an animals personality change from traveling by jet.
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    Are University hospitals better? Birthing in BA, Cordoba, Salta?

    No UBA while probably the best medical school is not private. That being said medical schools and hospitals are two entirely different type of entities.
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    Sexist hiring BA style.

    Make a point, or use their point.
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    Racism in BA, am I alone?

    Show me the study that racism is not an innate human characteristic. You also need to understand tribalism . I forgot Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
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    Racism in BA, am I alone?

    Ha ha ha ha ha . I am so glad I did not pursue a degree in sociology, and have to believe in this tripe. Racism and sexism does occur in humans and in higher level primates. You need to read up on tribalism. Not to say that these practices are not repugnant to me.
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    How come?

    No. A lot of Argentines get out of the Visa requirement to the U.S by using their Italian ancestry and their E.U passport.
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    Just saw a violent robbery / assault

    Thank God I am back in Miami.
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    Rules about closed-door restaurnts etc...

    Is that the one owned by the chubby Texan, who has only a one week course as a raw food cook as his cooking credentials. Plus I don't think he runs it for profit, but uses it to augment his having a lack of a social life.
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    "Leaving America"

    Give me a break. This self inflicted slight to their egos is hilarious. The name of the country is United States of America. they are free to change their name of their country to some variation of America at any time.
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    Recommended Argentine Film

    No Thanks. I have Cannonball Run and Cannonball Run II on dvd. The way Burt Reynolds uses Dom Deluise as a Christ figure is pure cinematic genius.
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    These are a few of my favorite things...

    Are you into actual track bikes, or are you a fixie riding hipster. If you are into the fixie scene and not actually riding in the velodrome you will be hard pressed . Most people into track bikes here are serious racers. Even though a large segment of people do enjoy this.
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    More Americans Sever U.S. Ties as IRS Gets Tougher

    Choripan: You are dead nuts about Orwellian, except he is not right wing at all. Orwellian is the special nut that thinks any American politician is the root of all evil whether if they are liberal or conservative.
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    Where should I play tennis?

    Somebody needs to not drunk post . Well if money is not an option There is the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis club. It is located in Palermo, and even though it states it is a lawn tennis club it mostly has some of the most beautifully maintained clay courts I have ever seen...
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    British Food & Drink

    Dundee Orange marmalade. That is all.
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    Malvinas Spat ( United Kindgom beating war drums )

    Yes but Godzilla still attacked Tokyo numerous times.
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    Malvinas Spat ( United Kindgom beating war drums )

    Yes ,Americans are great at tricking people into wars . I love how we tricked the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, when we told them that was Godzilla's breeding ground. This post is actually more laughable than my response.
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    Buenos Aires vs. Colombia

    This thread just hit epic status. Even though I do find myself on the same side of the fence with most of SaraSara's opinions.
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    Buenos Aires vs. Colombia

    I think Buenos Aires would be perfect for you. I would seriously take grad level courses at UBA. You cannot beat the price(Free). And you will meet a ton of people, and enough chances for romance with classmates. I personally prefer the women in Argentina, but I am a glutton for punishment by...
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    Buenos Aires vs. Colombia

    Be honest tell us what you are really looking for in a place to stay. Colombia, and Argentina are truly worlds apart when it comes to culture and national identity.