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    How Do I Activate My Sube Card As An American?

    I'm only in town for a week or so and purchased a Sube card in a kiosko and put money on it. I went online to activate it and I don't have a DNI or the other two ID numbers it asked for to activate it. How can I get it activated?
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    Worth It To Try And Start Business With New Arg Clients?

    Hello, former BA expat selling networking products from a large well known company not yet in the region. I am travelling to Colombia and Chile to work with new clients and thought I'd take advantage of being so close to take a vaction in BA. As I am there I thought I might try to shedule some...
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    Podcast On Customer Service In Argentina

    And I still find it amusing when being asked for a bill "mas chica" and you say you don't have one and they make a general scowl and walk off looking for change. I understand the cash situation (I probably had a smaller bill but needed it for a taxi) but it's almost like they would have...
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    Podcast On Customer Service In Argentina

    I haven't heard the podcast yet, but I wouldn't say all the customer service is bad. I have had excellent service once I've visited a place several times. I've had a few others where I was a regular and it never got better. I know Dan, one of the producers of the show lives in Cañitas. I...
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    Your Argentine Accent In The Us. Feel Strange?

    Chilean Spanish is tough.
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    Your Argentine Accent In The Us. Feel Strange?

    This is totally trivial. I'm back in The US for some time and spending as much time at language exchanges to keep in fighting shape with the spanish. I always feel a little strange speaking with Americans though. Between the "yeismo" double l's and vos and some of the vocabulary most Americans...
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    Six Months After: Ba Vs. Madrid

    Jajaja, they have doner everywhere. I'm sure its better elsewhere but for fast food it beats McDonalds any day. And pintxos in Barcelona and Basque country. Good god! I ate some of the beef cheek, pig ear, and duck ham amongst other things. Soooo gooood.
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    Six Months After: Ba Vs. Madrid

    This is a great post. I have spent the last three year on and off in BA and spent 3 months in MAdrid this Spring. Ironically enough I ended up living with a bunch of Argentines. For me Madrid didn't have the same onda as BA. Its very clean, safe, and organized but it was missing something...
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    Return A Favor To A Friend Paying A Rapipago Payment 4Me

    I'm in the US and have been trying to make an internet purchase for an ebook through Mercado pago. I can't get it to go through due to my USA credit card. A friend is willing to make a payment at Rapipago for $36ar as a favor and is not worried about me paying him back. What can I do from the...
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    Any Idea How Much It Costs To Fill A Cavity Here In Ba?

    I have a good dentist here Dr. Pelcman. They are giving me a free consultation tommorow for a slight, inconsistent pain in the tooth. Not bad or serious. They wouldn't give me a quote over the phone. Does anybody know how much I might be charged for a good filling in pesos?
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    Any Interesting Anecdotes About Working With Argentines?

    Montauk_project, great input. Regarding time, another reason things can take longer here is when doing new business you have to establish trust and a good relation. Per your comment about Americans not listening and judging locales. I worked with an American sales manager, he lived in Costa...
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    Any Interesting Anecdotes About Working With Argentines?

    Also, I'm probably getting stereotypical here but I've heard several times that there is a desire to hire Colombians here in Argentina for customer service due to their pleasent demeaner. I don't know if this is exactly true but my experience working in Colombia is that they are some of the...
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    Any Interesting Anecdotes About Working With Argentines?

    fifs2. Please feel free to bore us. These are actually along the lines of what I'm looking for. I'm studying Organizational Psychology with an emphasis on culture. I've got a story I'll post when I get back from an errand.
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    Any Interesting Anecdotes About Working With Argentines?

    I'm playing amatuer Anthropologist and looking for stories about culture clashes working with Argentines. Is there anybody that would like to share?
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    What Was Us Election Night Like 4 Years Ago In Ba?

    It sounds like Sugar Bar in PAlermo will be reporting the results. I assume a place like the Alamo as well. But what was it like last time around? I generally make the assumption that the American expat community leans a little towards Obama. I don't see too may republicans down here. I'm...
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    Election Night

    I've heard Sugar Bar in Palermo. I assume there might be a party if the election goes a certain way. Let me know if you want to join somewhere. I'm trying to get a bunch of Americans together.
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    Etiquette. You Take A Taxi, I Take The Bus. Who Pays What?

    So I left a bar at the same time as my friend in Microcentro and both of us went to Palermo. My plan was to take the collectivo home and pay 2 pesos. He doesnt take the bus. I felt wierd saying so long, I'm going the less expensive way home and we got in the same cab. The price to my home...
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    I need a haircut

    I hate trying to explain what I want at the salon. Does anybody know a good barber that speaks English? Preferebly in Palermo. Let me know. Thanks!
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    Tonights debate

    Sugar bar in Palermo.
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    Calfone a gas replacement or repair in temporary rental, cost?

    Oh man, I didn't think to try the stove with the calefon turned off. Apparently they are not connected and I guess that means I'm not responsible. Awesome!