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    Iguazu Falls With Young Kids

    A few warnings, 1/ check that the falls pathways are fully opened again. Some were damaged over the Christmas period due to the heavy rainfall and subsequent water flow. 2/ This time of year its extremely hot and humid. I`ve done it with a 3 and 6 year old and they both wanted to go home after...
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    Baggage Allowance For Domestic Flights On Aerolinas?

    ok thanks, will investigate further as i`ll have a couple of suitcases and 1 hand luggage. I`ll probably just have to pay the excess baggage fees that they show on their website.
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    What If British Win 1807 Invasion Of Buenos Aires?

    camberiu as usual has managed to sabotage a thread and made it into something about Brazil or is this RioExPats forum now? ;)
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    What If British Win 1807 Invasion Of Buenos Aires?

    New York, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Sydney,etc are good examples of cities built with British rule or investment. Buenos Aires couldve been in that list if it wasnt for a certain Peron to come along. Disliking the fact that Buenos Aires was being run like a British colony they...
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    Baggage Allowance For Domestic Flights On Aerolinas?

    Hi All Any ideas how many suitcases you can take on board per passenger for domestic aerolinas argentinas flights? Their website states a maximum of 15kg (rather stingy) but doesnt say how many bags? Thanks
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    The Kiss And Hug Greeting

    I enjoy the hugging and kissing, it makes you feel closer to people (literally). Back home with my close mates we gave each other hugs and a peck on the cheek for the ladies. I knew what to expect when I moved over to Argentina, but was a bit weird being kissed by a man the first time here, i...
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    Leaving With Gold Coins

    Whatever you do dont leave with them in something like this, it may raise suspicions. Sorry, its no help but couldnt resist. I did find this thread though about gold coins.
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    Rugby World Cup 2015 - Pumas V Nz

    Yeah I was hopeful for another shock result, but then NZ woke up and started playing.
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    Local Chino-Mart Not Selling Booze After 8Pm

    No elections tomorrow are there?
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    Roll On 10Th December

    Just finished watching the rugby (well done England!) and thought i`d have a flick through the tv, and there she is on 11 out of the first 13 tv channels of our cable opening a hospital. I wonder if she invites all the neighbours around to her house when she opens an envelope?
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    Fantasy Football

    This is fantasy football, not that egg chasing game that only North Americans call football :P
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    Noisy Rooftop Party - What To Do?

    Its the way of life here. I`ve lived both in the centre of BA and out in the country and the attitude towards noise pollution is the same, ignore it. I`ve had neighbours in Recoleta that will have all their windows open and have music or loud talking(shouting) throughout the night at weekends...
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    Attempted Robbery In San Isidro Centro At 5 Pm

    I see attempted robberies here all the time, whenever I go into a store and check the price tag.
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    Noisy Rooftop Party - What To Do?

    I found the only option in Argentina is , if you cant beat them , join them!
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    I`ve tried goat a few times over here because lamb is scarce but its not the same. Has a strange taste if you ask me.
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    Thoughts About Cordoba

    You just put me off it. Thats like a Latin American going to italy and saying I could live there they have a branch of cafe martinez after all.
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    Considering A 2 Year Move...some Questions.

    I can concur with PretteJohn with pretty much everything, although food wise I had to go to at least an indian or chinese restaurant once a week to revitalise my taste buds. Looks like it will be two less Johns in Argentina soon as we`re also going back to the UK in a couple of weeks :-) Good...
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    Considering A 2 Year Move...some Questions.

    It is an amazing country but its also huge and transport isnt the best nor cheapest. Buenos Aires province alone is bigger than the UK, so the idea of a trip to the seaside isnt an hour away its 3-4 hours or the second city 10 hours drive or an hour or so on the plane. Going to these places are...
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    Considering A 2 Year Move...some Questions.

    yes I know someone who moved recently at it took 5 months to be reunited with their belongings, although it was probably a month on the ship.
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    Considering A 2 Year Move...some Questions.

    How is you and your wife`s spanish? Really think that will be of the main importance, especially I think your wife with 2 young children. She will be running the home whilst your out at work doing long hours. and she will need to interact with people, nanny?, nursery teachers? shopping? service...