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    Macri's Amnesia

    I'm very naive I suppose. I think that if you're President of a country you shouldn't incorporate a business in a tax haven, the Bahamas and maintain an account in Panama, also tax haven, while your country needs people to start paying their taxes and invest in this country. Macri has almost 2...
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    Macri's Amnesia

    Oops...this link has already been posted in Articles. Excuse the duplicate.
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    Macri's Amnesia Can't stand him...never could. Not surprised he was hiding money while unemployment has skyrocketed in his first 6 months. Now I know why he and The Donald are friends.
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    Racism In Ba?!??

    Hi Lucy, I'm a New Yorker of Afro Latino and Caribbean descent. Married to a blonde Argentine and we have kids. I've experienced more racism in the US, Europe and Brasil than I have here. And by racism I mean denied employment, housing, harassment by police, security guards, etc. Yes, you...
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    Racism Towards People From The States?

    99.9% of Argentines think I'm Brasilian. I've had some people make warranted comments about the US gov't policy, but never anything offensive. The "family painter" came to our house to give us an estimate. I say "family painter" because almost everyone in my husband's family has used him. He's...
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    Teaching English Without Experience

    The best easy money jobs are ones that you're naturally good at. What are your skills? What are you planning to study, can you do something in that area here/now? Do you speak & read Spanish? Could you help people translate their blogs/social media? Could you be a 2nd "proof reader" for...
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    Teaching English Without Experience

    1. Not saying that this is the case for the OP, but there are a ton of NATIVE speakers with terrible grammar. 2. You can talk to a NATIVE for an hour or more and not learn anything from the class. A conversation class with someone who is upper-intermediate is different than teaching someone...
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    Que Suerte!

    NOT important ... but curious, you're an American liberal from Texas ... or you're an American liberal that hates Texans? To clarify->I'm American too, I don't like to generalize about the RESIDENTS of North, South, East, West and everywhere in between. The idea that NY'ers are rude...
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    Teaching English Without Experience

    Don't want to burst your bubble, but teaching a language is not an easy task. A good language teacher spends about 20minutes planning a class with an outline. If someone wants convere you a grammar wiz? Do you know the rules of the English "Passive Voice?" The rules to using the Future Perfect...
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    Que Suerte!

    If you compare the requirements and cost for residency in Argentina versus other countries - yes it is swift and virtually pain free. Try becoming a resident in the UK, Israel or Japan to get a more global idea of where Argentina ranks. Poor people, maybe uneducated, and also an ethic minority...
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    Que Suerte!

    For those expats who had/have sketchy immigration status in Argentina BUT have children born here - take a moment to say QUE SUERTE today. For all the hassles that we can experience living here at times, you have to give Argentina credit for handling many legal/humane issues swiftly and...
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    Missing Persons: What Is It Even There For

    Terrible situation. I think in most big cities people don't give a carajo who answer the phone. Hope he gets the rest/treatment that he needs before going back to his country. Shame there's no idea of where it happened because there are cameras about to do some future investigating. He's alive...
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    Relocating To Salta, Cordoba Or San Luis

    Wouldn't La Plata be an option? Far enough to create a small town feel and also there is a lower cost of living. It's very green, but doesn't have a mountain. I just worry that if you move too far and need to do something like renew your passport or some other type of tramite, that you'll have...
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    Buenos Aires Seen From A Drone

    AMAZING, thanks so much for sharing! The ad agency that Aerolinas uses should buy it, would be an awesome promo. Sending to my friends that have never been here and don't believe that there are tall buildings here. :lol:
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    Desperately Need Advice From Us Parents With Argie Kid(S)

    Husband's coming, thanks for the tip, love that Argentina is trying to avoid child abductions with this law. I only have a US passport, but have found in my travels that many Immigration officers frown when they see someone with more than one ... that's where the confusion began for me ... when...
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    Desperately Need Advice From Us Parents With Argie Kid(S)

    When we went to register her birth I chose not to get the US Passport thinking it wasn't really necessary since she can only leave/enter on her Argentine passport. I thought it would be something for down the road, not for an infant. My mistake...luckily we're not traveling until July so we have...
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    Desperately Need Advice From Us Parents With Argie Kid(S)

    Normally the US Embassy is really helpful via email, but they along with the US Customs office have failed to answer my question. My daughter was born here, I registered her birth with the US Embassy and have the "certificate of foreign birth abroad." We're going to the US for visit, she...
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    Día Nacional De Los Afroargentinos

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    Us Postal Stamps

    Wow - had no idea, my request was a bit pre-historic lol. I'll try to print them! Thanks so much!