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    The best CHORIPAN in BA.

    There is a super famous chori spot called El Puestito de Tio, it´s on the edge of the bosque de Palermo on Dorrego...on weekends the line can be crazy long, try the weekday. All the elements are there..good chorizo, chori to bread ratio, hot bread, yummy chimi..enjoy!!
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    Muu Lechería in Palermo-- a No Recommendation

    Im not usually big on American food (Im Mexican/American), definitely not one to scowl for peanut butter in China Town for example.. but once in a while when the crave sets in, the BEST burgers are hands down at Carlitos, they´re all over the city, big patty, fresh buns and all...throw in some...
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    New great spot for foodies and cocktail lovers!!

    Im super excited to have found an amazing new spot called Prodeo Lounge in Palermo Soho (Gorritti and Godoy Cruz). Ive been in BA for 2 1/2 years, and have tried aaaall the popular spots from Cluny, Casa Cruz, Osaka..etc, some are great and others not soo... an ex-coworker recommended Prodeo...
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    NBA Finals!!!

    Any suggestions on a good spot to watch the NBA Finals?? GO LAKERS!!!!:D
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    Blonde small girl in Buenos Aires. How dangerous will it be for me??

    As far as taxis...waving them down on the street alone at night is dangerous!! My bf is porteño and he is always on me about that. ALWAYS call or have the place call a radio taxi for you and keep a number for one handy. Last year a serial rapist taxi driver was finally caught..his victims...
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    Passport and Visa

    I went to the States in Feb with my argentine boyfriend, who had already been in the US once,10 years prior. Definitely start the process ASAP and she will need the passport first. She will have to request a pin number, use that to pay a fee at a Pago Facil in order to get the interview which...
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    Almond Butter?

    Barrio Chino..There are 2 Casa Chinas on Arribeños that have good natural alomnd a shlew of other yummy products;)
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    I totally agree that the inflation is insane!! Ive been here a little over 2 years and my favorite Chicken Sandwich at MamaRacha was 28 pesos, recently was shocked it rose to 38 AND was skimpy on the chicken. The only way eating on 10 pesos a day would even be possible would be a medialuna for...
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    Mexican restaurant?

    As a mexicam-american, I must say that Maria Felix sux, Cielito Lindo in Palermo is pretty good, love Taco Box (several locations)and D.F: in Puerto Madero is awesome. Heard la fabroca de tacos was amazing and super auténtica, need to try that one for sure! For cooking at home, china town has...
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    Custom Airbrush Tanning NTTI Certified

    Hola fellow expats!! My name is Celina, I have been in BA for 2 years and I am the owner and creator of L.A. Bronze, a Custom Airbrush Tanning Service that provides the best option for a natural and healthy beach bronzed look. I am originally from Los Angeles, trained and certified through NTTI...
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    All girls tanning party!!! (Rivadavia)

    Hola chicas!! My name is Celina and I am the owner and creator of L.A. Bronze, a Custom Airbrush Tanning Service. This Saturday the 12th from 7-9pm I will be hosting an all girls tanning party in order to promote the business. A full body session usually runs 75 pesos (excluding mobil service)...
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    Bikram Yoga has Arrived!

    I went for a class at the new studio on Las Heras today. Ive been here for 2 years and Im so excited that Hot Yoga has arrived!! I´ve been practicing yoga for 12 years and hot yoga for about a year, was hands down amazing to practice, technically the teacher was good, although spoke crazy fast...
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    Been here for 2 years, new to the site;) can absolutely go in the sun after spray tanning but always use protection. Tanning is the skins natural defense to the sun, sometime people will think "well Im already tan so I dont need protection" WRONG always use SHP!! The custom airbrush can complement really well with natutal...
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    Been here for 2 years, new to the site;)

    Everybody can tan!!! All body and skin types welcome. I have a few really white clients, one from Ireland, who were a bit skeptical at first, they wanted a light tan and for it to look natural, they looved the results!! You can see their comments on my blog..What I do is adjust the amount of...
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    Been here for 2 years, new to the site;)

    I am 2 blocks from Rivadavia station.
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    Been here for 2 years, new to the site;)

    Thanks!! 75 pesos for a full body session!! I also offer a mobile tanning service for a bit more, depends on location. Chocolate sun and spa@equinox in LA charge US45+ for the same spray tan although my solution is better;))
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    Been here for 2 years, new to the site;)

    Hola fellow expats!! I am Mexican, American, originally from California and have been here for almost 2 years and loving it!! As many of you already know, finding decent work and pay here is quite the challege so I am proud and excited to annouce the recent launch of my own biz!! L.A. Bronze...