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    Ideas For Hobby Classes In Ba

    I'd love to learn how to weld too, if anyone finds a class for that. Also some sort of carpentry... I'm considering teaching DJ classes, i've been Djing for years and could teach all types of mixing and scratching techniques. A few people have asked me recently... watch this space.... There...
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    Rugby - Six Nations Matchs

    O'Sullivans in Palermo Soho will be showing the matches by the way. Does anyone know what channel the matches are normally on. It lists ESPN as the broadcast partner on the 6 nations website, but when i look at the ESPN schedule for Saturday on the DirectTV site I don't see it listed. there is...
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    How Much It Costs To Learn Spanish At Uba?

    I did 3 hours a week for 12 weeks i think and it was 2900 pesos.
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    1Bed In Palermo Hollywood Available To Rent Dec 20 - Jan 6

    Our lovely Apartment in one of the most exclusive buildings in the area, is available to rent over the Christmas period, Ideal for those with family visiting from home. includes, Double Bedroom, Seperate Kitchen, Balcony, Sitting Room with Dining area, TV w/netflix, Wifi, Jacuzzi bath...
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    Does Anyone Know A Portrait Photographer?

    You should contact my friend, Jocelyn Mandryk. Contact details and portfolio on the site below.
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    Do you know how to get tickets for this? maybe i'm an idiot but i don't see how on the site..? do you just turn up? Thanks
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    Looking For House In Tigre/san Antonio To Rent For Birthday

    8-10 people looking to rent a place outside the City for a birthday party, but not too far.... Anyone been in one they'd recomend or know someone who has one to rent? We have been to the Delta escape tree house before, just looking for somewhere new. Or even an estancia that would might have...
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    Adult Gymnastics In Ba?

    I can't confirm what they do exactly, but there's a gym in Palermo Hollywood i think on the corner of dorrego & niceto vega or Cordoba that does gymnastics. (as there's a big sign up outside it...) If i pass it in the next few days i'll try and remember to get some info or a flyer for you.
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    Unlock Iphone

    I've unlocked an iphone 4 before. if you still need it done PM me.
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    Where Is Best Place To Buy A Hard Drive In Ba?

    For externals, the best value i've seen in the past is on but there isn't one listed at the moment.
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    Seeking Organic & Paleo/primal Food Buddies (And Info)

    Does anyone know a good source for quality fish? I know chinatown obviously has a good range, and the Jumbo on av bullrich has some.... But does anyone know about the quality of the fish?? I'm not usually a fish eater but am trying to increase my intake and i want to start with good quality...
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    Sunburn Hell's Itch Peppermint Oil

    yes tried aloe vera. not much good, the cooling is very temporary. Yeah david, the pain was bad the first 2 days, but as it receeded and i wasn't blistery i decided to forgo the doctor. I know internet research isn't a replacement for the doctor.. The itch was a new and surprising experience...
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    Sunburn Hell's Itch Peppermint Oil

    well unfortunately for me i have to work tonight. but i'll drop by the pharmacy on the way and ask about those creams. like my sunburn was pretty bad, but not the worst, no blistering, but very stupid looking at least which i guess is fun for everyone else. but this is just very hard to deal...
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    Sunburn Hell's Itch Peppermint Oil

    it's not an ant bite.... it's reffered to as fire ants, or hell's itch as it feels like your skin is being torn apart by ants. it's a crazy painful itchy sensation as a result of sunburn..
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    Sunburn Hell's Itch Peppermint Oil

    ha no problem. feeling mildly insane.
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    Sunburn Hell's Itch Peppermint Oil

    as i mentioned in my post, i am using antihistamine.
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    Sunburn Hell's Itch Peppermint Oil

    Yes i'm an idiot, and i got quite badly sunburned on sunday. the pain was pretty bad for two days, but is nothing compared to the Hell's itch, fire ants or whatever name you call it, that i'm currently going through.... it'unbearable. calamine, aloe vera, antihistamines, tomatoes, cider...
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    Does Anyone Need Anything From Ireland...

    yes, i'll boil it down into a gelatinous stock cube, and you can just add water when i bring it back.
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    Does Anyone Need Anything From Ireland...

    I'm going back for 3 weeks now. So if anyone needs things like new bankcards or anything brought back that won't be to heavy or awkward to organise. give me a pm or leave a message in here. I live in Louth, but will be in Dublin a good bit too. You can buy me almonds/avocados/Nexus 5/wine as...