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    US retirees in B.A. / Argentina

    Gaucho: As a retired US Citizen living in Buenos Aires, it is doubtful the USA Embassy actually has that kind of information. Granted, some Americans feel compelled to "register" as US Citizens abroad; however, there is no legal requirement that US citizens living abroad register with the...
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    Kids In Need!

    Kudos to JG! I don't often post anything to this web site; primarily because most posters get completely off topic and whine about their experiences living in Argentina. Sorry, JG, but from reading most of your posts I've felt compelled to respond that you seek medication because in the past...
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    What's going on?

    Marc: I’m as perplexed as you are about the majority who co-opt the forum threads on this site to complain. I moved here just over three years ago, finding Buenos Aires and Argentina both fascinating and very welcoming. I made one well-intentioned appearance at an expat dinner back when I first...
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    Re: Democrats Abroad! Join up!

    Gosh, and here I was under the illusion that ethnic Pakistanis from Great Britain and lolling about in the USA adored Senator Clinton.
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    Re: Where to live: Palermo Soho or Recoleta?

    Poster bjrutledge is very observant. I've been following this thread since it started and "coachlowe", the poster so interested in a neighborhood for "a healthy, single heterosexual male" and his subsequent post about being overburdened in Mexico with advice on the best gay places to stay have...
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    Learning Spanish Variations

    Steve: Although dropthezero is partially correct, (Porteños use vos in place of tu), his enthusiasm is a bit off. It's obvious he did not attend primary school in Argentina. The core grammar of Spanish has not changed in more than 400 years. Even though a 5 year-old Argentine intuitively knows...
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    Charity walk- Fight Hunger-Walk the World (Lucha contra el Hambre -Recorre el Mundo)- Sunday 21st Ma

    Anda: Finally, thanks for posting something positive that gives those reading this expat site a chance to involve themselves in the community rather than define themselves as separate from it. This is a good opportunity to donate food staples as well as get some exercise. We, (my mate and I)...
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    Pedestrian Dangers

    JG: If you find BsAs so dangerous and its people so disrespectful, why don't you return to your own country where everything and everyone is, in your opinion, so superior? I'm afraid I agree with Nashorama: be alert. Your sense of umbradge is, well, patetico.
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    Bad Times In Buenos Aires

    I'll bite. The Spectator (UK rag) began the Shiva Naipaul award for writing (in English) about understanding a different culture or country in memory of one of my favorite writers, V.S. Naipaul. So, of course I bought a copy when it first hit book stores. Miranda France won the Shiva Naipaul...