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    Harry Potter!!!

    hey! although i'm not a die-hard camp-outer and i might be a little embarrassed if you wear any type of costume/harry potter garb, i really really want to see the new movie either thursday or this weekend problem is, where and when are they playing it in english? i can deal with spanish...
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    WTF International Post Office!

    i feel your pain...i had three boxes (70lbs total) shipped from the US, initial shipping cost: $210, declared value: $0, customs/local fees when they arrived: $980. (all listed in USD) it happens. often you can negotiate down the price if you make it clear that they're not goods to sell etc...
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    One-way ticket?

    i just came in with a one-way ticket two weeks ago and had no problems. still haven't booked my return flight, either. you'll have to pay the friendly $140 fee for american citizens, but that's all... i've never heard of anyone having problems with this...
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    Expat meet up Friday June 17th in Palermo!

    sounds great...count me in!