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    Football Funnys

    Maradonna the new manager of Aston Villa.........? Imagine that.....:eek: If fact the more i think of it, why not?
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    Looking For A Freelance Copy Person

    I’m looking for native English speaking expats who have a natural flare for writing. Previous experience an advantage. Please PM (private message for more details) Cheers
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    Argentine E Commerce Knowledge?

    Would any member of this board (Admin or otherwise) happen to have knowledge of website law here in Argentina? According to one source of mine websites pointing domestically need to be registered here even if the hosting isn’t ? Is there any difference in terms of launching a site elsewhere in...
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    Argentinas loss makes us introspective

    Well... credit where credit is due, Maradona doesn’t deserve anything but praise and I for one hope he stays on as Manager of Argentina. This article was published just before the Germany game which is worth a read:
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    train from London Gatwick

    The express train costs about 5 quid
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    karaoke/food/drinks night out

    Will there be some good Vera Lynn pieces to choose from?:)
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    karaoke/food/drinks night out

    Love a good sing song, Last time I had a go on the old karaoke they turned the bloody thing off! :) When is it and where?
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    Malvinas Spat ( United Kindgom beating war drums )

    An interesting post Cebrera, I would like to understand your motivation.
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    Why are there so much earthquakes lately

    A few educated people have told me that we are experiencing the same type of movements 30 years ago, however today’s movements are much easier to report upon. I tend to find the latest technology in the “Pump” rather than the “pull” pint generates a huge amount of wind which could be exaggerated...
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    I'll pass on your regards to the Bell Inn Howard.
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    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to drop a quick note to say tat ta, I’m off over to Europe couple of hours and will be back in BA in a few weeks. It was great meeting a few of the members of the expat community over the weekend. Kudos to the owners of this site for providing a friendly platform for...
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    Punta del Este on BBC travel show

    Punta fascinates me :confused:. I’ve not been there mainly because of the reports/opinions I’ve heard. Why would anyone want to go to a place where even in summer you need to wear a coat at night or pay through the nose for a fernet con cola ($70-$100) not to mention going out for dinner...
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    Drinks, dinner, something this weekend?

    Hi Jules, I'm up for meeting as many expats as I can from BA over the weekend. Have you seen this thread? Cheers
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    Meet up tonight @ 8:30

    Sounds good:). Look forward to meeting some expats in BA.
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    Meet Ups/ Ex Pat Locations in BA

    Thanks for the speedy response Howard; I'm over in Santa Tome just seen the threads about meet ups which is great! not sure i'll be signing up for next friday due to other commitments however they might change in which case i would love to join. I saw an ad in the Herald for the Alamo? seems...
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    Meet Ups/ Ex Pat Locations in BA

    Hi There, I'm getting into BA tomorrow, currently living outside of BA in a small province which has no english speakers. Would be great if some members could recommend any coffee houses/bars/meeting locations which are visited by fellow ex pats. I'll look forward to reading some...