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    Skydiving Try this. I Just did it 3 weeks ago. Costs 430 pesos and it's a tandem jump. You jump from 3000 meter. Great experience
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    Gym in Palermo Soho

    Ok i figured it out. The gym costs 140$ the first month (because of card and you have to see the gym doctor) and afterwards it will cost 120 $ per month. There is also no minimum stay requiered. Let me know if you need more information's and if you concider to join.
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    Gym in Palermo Soho

    Not really. I will ask at the weekend because I also want to register myself and then I will let you know.
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    Gym in Palermo Soho

    There is one at Gurruchaga, Paraguay in Palermo Soho which is quiet nice. I will join that one as well pretty soon.
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    New in town

    Hello guys, my name is Chris an i just moved from Germany to BsAs for work. I am 27 and willing to rush through the clubs in BsAs at the weekends. So if somebody likes to go out, just let me know. Cheers Chris
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    Regular games of football...?

    Guys, I just moved here and I would be in as well. When are you planning to play the first time and where? As sooner as better. By the way I can't make it during the week before 7 or 7:30 pm. Cheers Chris