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    Anyone going to New York in October?

    And would you be willing to pick up a document in Recoleta and take it with you? Someone in NYC would then meet you to pick it up. Thanks, K
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    Selling excellent quality Bose speakers

    The speakers have been sold, thanks.
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    Selling excellent quality Bose speakers

    Please forgive if I´ve posted this in the wrong place (and let me know where it should be). I am selling a pair of (nearly) brand new EXCELLENT quality Bose speakers. They are for use with a stereo, computer, CD- or MP3 player, or laptop. Here is a description in English...
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    Going rate for Editing (English)

    I have worked for many, many years in the translation world. The professional golden rule of thumb is always that translations should be done by a native speaker of the the target language, i.e., in this case, Argentines (or other native Spanish speakers) should NOT be translating from Spanish...
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    Anyone selling a laptop?

    Hi, thanks for your reply. How much are you asking for the Mac? Please send me a direct email: [email protected] Best, Kat
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    Anyone selling a laptop?

    I've had a bit of misfortune with my laptop and need to buy another one. Anyone selling a laptop? Most important is that is has the standard skype and video capabilities (the DVD player also needs to work), even better if it has basic software like Word, etc., and is a relatively recent model...
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    MUST apostille FBI letter

    I have called the FBI office at the embassy (no answer, left message), will try and get their input of the notary/apostille issue and post what I find out. The people at FBI in WV are absolutely good for nothing, don't even waste your time calling there.
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    MUST apostille FBI letter

    Sorry, more bad news for US citizens trying to get their residency: despite conflicting information floating around, one DOES indeed have to have the FBI Antecedentes Penales letter apostilled, since May. I was just told so today by a rep at migraciones.
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    FBI Background Check

    I know this request/post is a bit old, but if anyone would still like to know, here is some info based on relatively recent first-hand experience (it's now mid-July 2010). These lawyer friends mentioned by the original poster, those who say the process is easier in Bs As? Regardless of where...
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    Anyone going to NYC area before end of August?

    Is anyone going to the NYC area before the end of August? Would you be willing to take a few letters with you and throw them into the mailbox when you get there? Please reply with a direct e-mail, thanks! Kathleen [email protected]
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    Acupuncture in pregnancy

    I realize this post is old and you've probably already had your baby, but if anyone else is interested, I am an acupuncturist from NYC practicing here. Quite a few of my patients in my previous practice were women with pregnancy-related issues, and I received a lot of referrals from a very...
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    Wellness, Yoga, Acupuncture, and TCM

    I am an acupuncturist educated and licensed in the US practicing here in BsAs; I do house calls and charge AR$150. FYI, full TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is not done here (or not that I know of, and I've asked around)—not even among Chinese practitioners—as it is not possible to import...