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    Desperately selling art...

    Need more info as well, thaks :)
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    Expat lunch, Tuesday, 20 January

    Thanks for organizing this lunch again Steve. Please count me and a guest in as well, I will bring my father who is visiting me from Lebanon.
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    Break-In and Rape in Palermo on Guatemala

    Thanks for taking the time to share this information. I found this link on another blog that you may be interested in checking out I am not certain how often it is updated though.
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    Expat lunch, anyone?

    Just a quick thank you for organizing the lunch, I had a great time and hopefully we will get together again. The company was superb and the venue was great as well. Well done.
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    Expat lunch, anyone?

    Sounds like a great idea. If the expat lunch is still on I would like to join....
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    Burn, Baby Burn!

    Thanks for the reply citygirl; I walk in the Palermo parks area as well and hope that we can get together soon. I sent you a PM with my contact details. I would like to join a a gym for weight lifting ..... any suggestions?
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    Burn, Baby Burn!

    This is the title of an article I read on Yahoo a few minutes ago. It basically gives tips for burning calories and it describes which activities give the best (and worst) results in the least amount of time? If you are interested in reading the whole article here is the link ...
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    Botox and eyebrow tinting

    I have used a brand for over eight years which is made in Spain named Thuya Eyebrow and Eyelashes Tint (tinte Cejas y Pestanas). The box has instructions in English and in Spanish and it should be mixed with Thuya Special Solution Dye (Solucion especial tinte). Just squeeze an inch long out of...