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    Good place for hiking boots/camping gear

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get hiking boots, backpacks and other camping related items? Are there factory outlet type stores here? Thanks!
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    depilación definitivo/laser hair removal

    I've got a list about 20 places long for laser hair removal in B.A. before I tackle this list, does anyone have any experience with it here? I know its a big hair removal culture so I figure they do it well. I had my underarms done in NYC and love the results.
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    Tango Lessons? - Where are goold places to learn?

    I went to La Catedral once and it was really a cool, old gritty place. Its a converted warehouse or factory of some sort and there are kittens running around and old artwork that looks like it was found in the trash on the walls. Its very raw which I love so if you're looking for a polished kind...
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    nanny needed urgently!

    Email me some more info please, like what days specifically, roughly the times, etc. How many children is it? Does 1,5-5 mean a one and a half year old and a five year old? I might be able to help you out. [email protected].
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    Expat lunch, Tuesday February 3rd

    I will be there with another new expat friend, Chris. Thanks Steve.
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    Expat lunch, Tuesday, 20 January

    Count me in.
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    The only inauguration thing I know of is at Sugar in Palermo
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    Any cool bars in Recoleta?

    I have only been here a week and have yet to venture out of my Palermo comfort zone. I'll be in Recoleta tonight and want to find something fun to do.
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    Phone for Sale -- 90 pesos

    I want to buy one today or tomorrow. Do you want to meet up? Lauren