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    Usa World Cup Games

    Where will most US fans be watching the US games in BA?
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    Watching World Cup On Smartphones

    Is there a legal way to do this here? ESPN3 doesn't work outside of the states and all of the add-ons/websites I'm using to make it seem like I'm in the US work for everything (HBOGO, etc.) besides ESPN3. I'm by no means opposed to illegally streaming games, but it's really hard to use...
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    Copa Libertadores Tickets?

    I'll defer to the others on your first questions. I am not going to the World Cup-costs kind of just kept adding up (not already having a visa hurt). Sucks, really wanted to go.
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    Copa Libertadores Tickets?

    Yeah, there's a game at the Monumental 3 days later on a Saturday so hopefully that will help some.
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    Copa Libertadores Tickets?

    Thanks for the responses; very, very helpful. One other related question -- while that is the only day I can see a game in Buenos Aires, I'm also hoping to see the national team in La Plata on June 4th against Trinidad and Tobago. From what I can tell, the AFA usually doesn't start selling...
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    Copa Libertadores Tickets?

    I'm hoping to get tickets to see the second leg of a Copa Libertadores quarterfinal tie (it's the only time I can see soccer/football in BA). They still have to play the round of 16 games but the game would either be held at Velez Sarsfield or Arsenal de Sarandi's stadium. Should I expect the...