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    Earth hour

    Hey guys Saturday the 28th of March there is a global initiative to turn off all electricity for 1 hour, 830-930pm...there is a lot of information at the website: This was in La Nacion in February La Capital adhiere a la lucha contra el...
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    General practitioner fluent in English...

    Hey, I would just recommend going to a private hospital if you need to see a doctor aleman has a lot of staff who speak english, and they will make you pay 100 pesos in the "guardia" to talk with a doctor.
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    Hello Y Buenos con gusto!

    $350-$450 and two bedrooms is probably not possible. I know of a few places that are $500-$550 with balconies etc in Barrio Norte. but I'd say you might have to up your price range. The other thing you have on you're side is that you are going to stay for a while. Use that when you are talking...
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    Anyone From East Coast!

    im in palermo..let me know if we are all going to meet up :)
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    Expats Lunch Wed., March 4th - Marini Gourmet

    Man, I work M W F...maybe the next one can be on a tuseday :)?
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    Anyone From East Coast!

    Hey Guys, Sorry I just have to represent mass!! From near Worcester originally, been here 11 months and loving it. 21 female college student-- Let me know if anyone wants to grab a beer!
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    Anybody know where I can go skydiving? (first-timer)

    Hey Messi if you haven't gone yet, I'd totally be up for going with you! I've never gone either but am dying to try it!
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    Ok Hermes, date and time?
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    looking for dog walker

    Hello, I am not a "professional dogwalker" just a college student from the states in the area who misses her dog! I live by alto palermo, so if you´re not intent on having a group, or professional...I would be interested :) I have a german sheperd back home, so I am used to big dogs
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    Hey, looking to meet other young expats who are staying awhile

    Hey :) I´m a straight female but if you ever want to go out and dance Id love too!
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    Do argentines not use tampons?

    Dear KatharineAnn, Ok so now you know of course they use them, they just are carried everywhere! I can only use tampons with applicators so I had my friends start sending them one or two per letter then sent me and my aunt just came to visit and brought me down two full boxes! I don't think I...
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    Stories about Volunteering/Community work in BsAs needed!

    Hey Celeste, I was in a program studying abroad here for a semester at FLACSO. I took a course on Aprendizaje Servicio, and through that course volunteered at Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo Linea Fundadora. I decided to stay on over the summer and am now going to take an internship with Las...
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    Seperate Work Permit?

    the temporary student residence permit that i had allowed me to get a job.
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    I am a young American women, who stumbled onto this thread and find it very interesting! I am still in college and decided to study for a year here. I go to an all woman's school, very liberal in the states ( for those of you who know it, Smith). I have had the opportunity here to date a...
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    Asian supermarket?

    Yes that area is called barrio china...if you take the D subte line to Jose Hernandez and walk towards the train tracks. Also, I have a list of all the Indian resturants in town, I can tell you that Tandoor is the best! Laprida 1293, the best time to go is Lunch, they are completely empty and...
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    Advice on large apartment 2000+ sq. ft.

    There are plently of safe places for a single woman to consider, Palermo, Recoleta, Barrio Norte, anywhere you feel comfortable all of Belgrano. I don't know why you would think Recoleta was the only place.
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    Is it Possible to Find Good Produce?

    Hey if you're looking for organic restaurants this blog was AMAZING! Hope it helps!!
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    Looking for a Housekeeper/Nanny

    Hello, I am a college student whose been here about 7 months, and would love to find a part time babysitting job; if you are interested in just that part. I love children, have my CPR, WSI and lifeguard certificates and have alot of experience working at summer camps. I live near Alto Palermo...
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    Hey all, I'm acollege student from Mass. I've been here for about 7 months now. I finished the program I was studying in and loved it so much that I decided to stay here for the summer and get an internship. I rented a place by Alto Palermo, and am loving it but am a bit lonely as all the...