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    I Tried Xoom Today

    Hey all. Saw this post and had a question regarding having to give a bank statement to xoom. What does this exactly mean, anything that should be made aware of and what if you dont have a DNI?
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    Longhorns In Ba?

    Howdyyyy, Former UT Austin alum here wanting to reach out and see if any Texas Exes are in Buenos Aires! Would love to meet some former Longhorns and connect! Hook 'em
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    Going To Colonia, Uruguay

    Hi there. I'm going to Uruguay on Monday and I just wanted to get some advice on the situation in Colonia getting US dollars out. I have heard that I need to arrive to Colonia extremely early and the lines can be extremely long and ATM's often broken. Would it be better to go to Montevideo...
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    Apartment For 23 Year Old Girl

    Hi there! I am new to Buenos Aires and am in need of an apartment/house. I would love to live with other roommates to try to meet new people and preferably in the neighborhoods Palermo or Recoleta if possible but I'm open to other options! Thanks so much :)
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    Freelance Journalism In Ba

    Thanks ya'll, I appreciate all of the great advice. Very helpful!
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    Freelance Journalism In Ba

    Hi everyone. I am a recent journalism graduate with a specialty in broadcast and I am moving to BA at the beginning of May. I am not fluent in Spanish so pursuing a journalism job for a Spanish speaking company is not an option at this moment, however, I wanted to hear more about other freelance...
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    Moving In March

    Hi there! Well, I am a newbie to the BA expats and wanted to say howdy from Texas! My friend and I are moving to Buenos Aires in March and need to find housing! Any advice? Also, what are the best working options in BA? Gracias! KC