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    Currency speculation

    So how would you speculate the currencies ?
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    Currency speculation

    With the exchange rate now 3 to 1 USD vs ARS What would you invest in if you were speculating that the Peso would appreciate vs the Dollar maybe to a ratio of 2 to 1 or 1.5 to 1? Exchanging USD at 3 to 1 now and depositing the Pesos in an Argentine bank account seems simple enough but not...
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    Poco Espanol

    Would like to know of the experience of those who moved or made an extended stay to Argentina and speaks or understands very little if any Spanish. Is it really hard to get by without paying Gringo prices and getting confused looks from the locals.
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    How much do you pay for health insurance

    Hi Chris, would you be able to include the name, telephone # and website of the company that provides the medical plan. I would like to speak to an English speaking representative for specifics. Thanks GFL
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    How much do you pay for health insurance

    Thats per person per month. And would you consider the care and coverage as good as the plan you had in your home country? How were pre existing issues covered?
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    What do you spend a month in Argentina?

    Per an internet search The average salary in BA is probably about 1,500 pesos a month. 5X that is 7500 ARS or 2500 USD I have yet to live there but it seems about right to me.
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    What was your motivation to

    leave your job, sell your stuff, collect all your savings and pack up and move to BA. without any strong social circle there. Has anyone done it this way or similar.
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    Stop Paying Killer ATM Fees

    Internet banks generally do not charge any ATM fees and some even reimburse the fees the other bank charges.
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    Other cities in Argentina

    Has anyone lived or spent considerable time in another place in Argentina? I would like to hear the pros and cons as compared to Buenos Aires. Interested in comparisons to nightlife, social activities, availability to get by with minimal Spanish skills, and cost of living.
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    All through the night?

    I've heard the nightlife in Buenos Aires begins real late starting with dinner at 11pm and dancing and entertainment until early morning. Is this accurate as to much of the nightlife? If so how do people get to work the next day? Do you as expats enjoy these social hours?
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    Hotel upon arrival needed

    Thanks for the response Grandaiscool. 120 ARS a day seems OK. Are there restaurants, cafes, nightclubs in the area? I will be arriving solo and I like to walk around use public transporation and meet the locals. Any other suggestions as a backup? GFL
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    Hotel upon arrival needed

    Hello group, I will be arriving in BA from NYC in a couple of weeks and I am interested in a room that I can rent on a weekly basis with no lease. Any recomendations for a short stay hotel in a safe area? No need for alot of extras but wireless would be good. Close to activities in the city is...