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    Banking, Credit Cards, etc

    You'll need a DNI number to open a bank account (ie you need to be a resident or citizen). Credit cards are excepted in most places (maybe not smaller resturants and shops) - Visa and Amex seem most common (Mastercard not always accepted). Best way to exchange money is to bring an ATM card from...
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    british citizen in Argentina

    90 day tourist stamp is usually given on entering the country.
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    withdrawals using a U.K. card

    I can't remember exactly which ATMs but I have used a fair mix of different banks. The HSBC on Sante Fe near Billinghurst is one I remember, but also used the Banco Frances and Standard Bank on Sante Fe and been able to draw at least 2 x 600 pesos (not tried more than that yet). It's wierd...
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    withdrawals using a U.K. card

    Hi, I have my Nationwide card which works a treat here - pretty much any ATM will accept it and I am able to make 2 x 600 pesos transactions a day. I've not had any problems with Nationwide. However my friends have First Direct cards (HSBC) - and they are limited to 300 pesos per withdrawal...
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    Gay in BA?

    late, to say the least! Sitges (the busiest bar) only opens around 11pm, and only really starts to get busy around 1am on the weekends. The clubs open around 1-2am (Thur-Sun) and are really busy on the weekends. Overall - gay life is great - plenty of people and places to go - just got be up...