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    When does the recession become, er, a depression?

    Your "let the free market take care of everything" is as simplistic as it is dead wrong. You're like the religious fundamentalists who believe in the literal wod of the Bible. It's simple enough but wrong. The world is more complex than you allow my friend.
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    Good ole USA

    YouTube - John McCain: Economic Disaster
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    travelling with teenage girls/safety??

    Oh, one more question: Napolean said that the 16 year olds might be able to get in the boliches without id saying they are 18. Does anyone else know more about this? (For those of you who didn't read all of the posts, I have a daughter who is 19 and is bringing a 19 year old girlfriend, and...
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    Bringing electronic equipment into BA

    We're coming to Buenos Aires in July. I have a couple of friends I want to bring gifts for. I was in Costco yesterday, and saw that an I-Pod w/ the ability to hold 1000 songs costs $139. How much do you suppose it would cost in Argentina??
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    travelling with teenage girls/safety??

    I really appreciate everyone who took the time to give me advice. It was really helpful and I am glad to know that my girls, following a few basic rules, will be able to safely enjoy themselves. To sum it up, I'll suggest that they go to the Crobar or Pacha, take a remis, and have a remis...
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    travelling with teenage girls/safety??

    Napoleon, Matty thank you so much!! So, just to be clear the "boliches" aren't the brothels; rather, you're saying avoid "night clubs," right?? I wish I had asked about the cell phones earlier. Just today, I reserved phones through Altel. It sounded like a pretty good deal. $49 per phone for...
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    travelling with teenage girls/safety??

    Looking forward to our 1-month visit to Buenos Aires in July. It's my wife & I, our two girls (ages 19 & 16) and their 2 girlfriends (same ages as our girls). The older girls will probably want to venture out at night, go to clubs and that sort of thing. IS IT SAFE? Any particular...
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    As a person looking forward to moving to Argentina upon my retirement in 5 years, I enjoyed reading all of these posts. Looking at the question in the first post starting this interesting discussion, I am one of those who Americans who thoroughly hates George Bush. I truly believe he has set...
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    Residency in Argentina

    Hi everyone. I'm not an expat YET. My wife and I are planning to start spending several months at a time in Argentina, beginning in 5 years when I retire. In the meantime, we go there all of the time and will, in fact, be in BsAs during the entire month of July, 2008. Here's my question which...
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    Visiting Argentina during the winter

    This coming July, I'm renting an apt in BsAs for 1 month. I'm traveling with my wife, two daughters (ages 16 & 19) and their two girlfriends (same ages as daughters). I'm thinking all points south are too cold. But what do you think about going to Mendoza or Cordoba by bus? Dead? Or can we...