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    Personal Trainer

    Hi Bryce, this is exactly what I'm looking for and I'm looking to start asap. Drop me an email on [email protected] and I'll send you my number and we can talk, Thanks, Jen
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    How do I pay for expired tourist visa at the airport?

    ok well i went all prepared for to the airport, went straight to the immigration office, no queue.....they gave me a form to take to the bank and pay 300 pesos, again all quick. I went back to immigrations, they gave me a receipt and I had absolutely no problems. No questions...
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    Just back from Farmacity

    I buy the maxi rolls of Elite toilet paper or some brand like that in Carrefour and it lasts ages - is like 10 pesos, 100 sheets per roll
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    Just back from Farmacity

    esllou - LOL, i have to sday I love farmacity but its the biggest rip off
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    How do I pay for expired tourist visa at the airport?

    Thank you so much, this is the best advice!!
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    How do I pay for expired tourist visa at the airport?

    Dear All, I have an expired tourist visa and I am returning to the UK on tuesday. I know I have to pay 300 pesos at the airport and leave a lot of time for this but I am not sure of the process. Does anyone know if I go to check in first then pay after security checks or do I have to go to pay...
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    argh... visa overstay experience

    Hi all, I am going back to UK next week and have overstayed my tourist visa. I am a little confused as what to do at the airp ort. Do I go to the migraciones office first or do I check in first? I also have to pay TAM for changing my flight. Advice please!
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    Squash player

    Hi all, myself and my fiance both play, we would def be interested, I have my squah raquets but nowhere to go!
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    Dance Classes?

    Hi, My fiance teaches Reggaeton, he is an ex-dancer, he knows all, Reggaeton, Tango, Hip-Hop etc etc. We are living in Las Canitas, let me know if you are interested J
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    New Here! UK newspapers anyone?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick introduction, I first came to BsAs last April and have been back and forth from London about 5 times in the last year, now moved to live here. Luckily I have an argentine fiance so problems of living and guarantee's and getting overpriced goods because I am english...