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  1. Redpossum

    Subte line D shut down until March 17

    Alternatives -
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    Argentines protest Milei's economic shock therapy

    The reason for your viewpoint is clear from the four links you provided. Two from Clarin, flagship of the Empiro Clarin, and staunch Macrista mentimedia. One from La Nación, the most conservative newspaper in the country. One from Infobae, which is run out of Miami, Florida. Clearly you have...
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    China suspends US$6.5 billion currency swap agreement with Argentina

    I do agree. The crucial thing to understand is that Milei is a puppet, a stalking horse. Think back to December 2015. Macri's first act as president was to pay the buitres, the vulture funds, every penny they were asking for. He didn't try to negotiate, he even paid their legal fees for the...
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    Seat Belts

    Why are there no window screens? Why are there no overflows on the bathroom sinks? ...and a dozen other questions of that nature. Because Argentina. So, can we help you to understand it? No, we can't. There is no understanding Argentina. It just is.
  5. Redpossum

    Milei legalizes blue dollar trading

    Milei stated that “there is a set of unpleasant measures to restructure cash,” while he stressed that “60 percent of the adjustment falls back on the state.” Hmm, a set of unpleasant measures to restructure cash. That kind of euphemistic BS always forebodes something nasty.
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    Issues with Coto shopping

    "But that was in another country, and besides the wench is dead" --Christopher Marlowe
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    Milei's in charge !!!…Wow !!!

    and? If you owe the bank 10K USD and you can't pay, you have a problem. If you owe the bank 43 BILLION USD and you can't pay, the bank has a problem.
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    Milei's in charge !!!…Wow !!!
  9. Redpossum

    Milei's in charge !!!…Wow !!!

    (Biting my tongue until it bleeds)
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    Milei's in charge !!!…Wow !!!

    That' interesting take on it. Time will tell, I suppose.
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    Dólar Blue Predictions

    Met with world leaders and made an utter jackass of himself in front of them all. The Europeans may forgive him for that, eventually, but the Saudis & Emiratis never will. You don't get a second chance with those folks when you're in a position of responsibility. In a personal relationship they...
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    Dólar Blue Predictions

    Nah, not after Cafiero made an idiot of himself in the UAE. Alex Kicillof is the one who's more likely to be a future leader of peronism.
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    Subte Line B and the Canning / Malabia station.

    Oh, very good, thanks. I didn't think to look up the page on the station itself. Doh!
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    Subte Line B and the Canning / Malabia station.ínea_B_(subte_de_Buenos_Aires) (this one has a cool old pic of people riding the subte in 1938. The English page doesn't) I ride this one a lot, and I have noticed that the station Malabia has an...
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    Posts from baexpats replicated on another forum

    That crushing sense of disappointment when reality fails to measure up to my imagination.
  16. Redpossum

    Lord, what a storm!

    Sou Sounds like we are neighbors; I'm in that general area myself.
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    If the economy gets real bad will people turn on expats ?

    It's not just expensive, it's lower quality than stateside. I have yet to see anything here to match the quality of premium brands in the USA. There's also a general, world-wide decline in the quality of tuna now that the Bluefin have been so badly over-fished, but that's another topic...
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    Lord, what a storm!

    Hey, Sam, I'm in Villa Urquiza also, near the Rosas station. When you say FDR you mean Roosevelt, the street??
  19. Redpossum

    Lord, what a storm!

    So, I guess the drought is over?