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    Anyone able to receive Amazon order?

    Yup, just don't specify it's that, call it letter mail. As long as it's under 150g or 200g (can't remember off the top of my head) and it's flat, your friends or family back home can throw it in one of DHL's envelopes and it comes in days. It's not cheap, but I got it at home and no issues.
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    What medical insurance do you use?

    I have personal experience with Galeno and Sancor, and my friends have experience with Hominis and OSDE. As a general rule my belief has been if Farmacity accepts them, they're legit (but not all equal). That being said, generally they're all bad in the sense they will try to nickel and dime...
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    Milei: No Dollarization in 2024

    The Scioli thing made me laugh audibly, like, him and Pato are the caste incarnate. At this point the only anti-caste party is FIT-U, the "dirty commies" as Milei calls them. Everyone else is in the Milei cabinet. And it's not like he was some city councilor in the boonies, Scioli was...
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    Anyone able to receive Amazon order?

    I've personally used both Tiendamia and Aerobox, no issues with either.
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    Comparsion of supermarket prices Montevideo vs BA

    I'll take the blame for this one. Comparing Uruguay to Argentina reminds me a lot of comparing Canada to the United States (or Austria and Germany or Australia and New Zealand, etc.), and many Canadians don't like this, especially as I personally don't sugarcoat my views on the two countries as...
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    Comparsion of supermarket prices Montevideo vs BA

    I'll preface this by saying I won't respond further to prevent further derailing of this thread, so feel free to take the last word (this sounds more sarcastic/rude than I'm intending it to, I just don't want to continue derailing the thread) And as you said, you haven't experienced a hate...
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    Milei: No Dollarization in 2024

    Florida was busy last week when I passed by the caves, lots of people buying (or selling) dollars which isn't surprising.
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    Huge 'hunger line' in Buenos Aires challenges Milei's minister

    I thought Alberto's government was bad at messaging/comms, but Milei's is going to give them a run for their money it seems.
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    Is there some way to tell how much more expensive BA is getting/has gotten

    There has been, and I personally recommend something like MercadoTrack which tells you if a "Sale" (especially Hot Sales/Cyber Monday Sale) are really a sale or just a regression to baseline. Only downside is you have to pick your own basket of goods, but I'll use a couple things I frequently...
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    Milei: No Dollarization in 2024

    Coming as a surprise to none of us that can count, Milei confirmed today that Argentina will not be dollarizing in 2024. Paired with the adjustment, continued high inflation, and a massive decline in purchasing power, he may be setting himself up for failure during the midterms next year as it...
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    A Major Setback for the Omnibus Law

    As many of us said, even those of us who disagree with the Omnibus Law, they should have sent the laws one by one to Congress in some sort of deal where instead of the DNU, they'd agree to vote each law up or down by date X. For an economist, Milei seems to struggle with basic math; he doesn't...
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    Comparsion of supermarket prices Montevideo vs BA

    I have a parent from each country, and having spent tons of time in both, including having lived in Toronto for years. I've always found the meme that Canadians are super polite different from my personal reality; mention indigenous peoples' rights, immigrants, LGBT people, Francophone...
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    Guess what? Milei says the Western world is in danger

    Moving the embassy is free right? It's not like we're in the middle of an economic crisis where we must save every centavo or anything, right? I'm curious if we'll find out how much this personal vanity/spiritual trip cost; going to an active war zone isn't cheap vis a vis security either, will...
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    Medical insurance question

    Yup, they're trying to tell you to f-off. My advise is to do the process, and confirm that the cuota has been authorized by the Superintendencia (all in writing) because I'm almost certain it hasn't, and even if it has, you can appeal it as being unreasonable if I remember correctly. The...
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    Best 0km SUV

    I'm a big guy myself, pushing 6'6" and as wide as a linebacker. While I'm not looking to get one yet, I'm in the market for a used SUV in a couple years once our home is built in Provincia. Anyone have any recommendations? We've bought a 0KM Partner, it's meh width wise, and I don't have to...
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    Comparsion of supermarket prices Montevideo vs BA

    Uruguay reminds me a lot of Canada compared to the United States; the boring, more expensive, if more stable version of the larger neighbor, that's basically the same country separated by a river/49th Parallel. I think people forget just how small Uruguay is, it has 3.4 Million people, and...
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    Lactaid or something like it?

    I'm used to the taste of milk from US/Canada (which I'm certain is nowhere close to EU/UK standards for milk), and this was my understanding as well, the UHT process changes the flavor profile. The first time I tasted it here I thought it had soured, until I bought another one, and another, all...
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    Lactaid or something like it?

    I'm lactose intolerant and due pretty well with most dairy here, it's just different (milk tastes disgusting to me here though) but I keep some lactaid incase for when I'm traveling or am on a tight schedule or don't know what I'll be eating.
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    Owner Key to your Rental

    My landlord doesn't even live in Argentina anymore, so if she has keys or not is kind of a moot point, though I don't believe she does.