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  1. TomAtAlki

    Selling dollars

    Please, what was the procedure and how long did it take? BTW we do have an account there.
  2. TomAtAlki

    Grass Fed Organic Beef?

    Mercado del Progreso, beautiful fresh lamb
  3. TomAtAlki

    Where is Ricardo?

    I've tried to contact Ricardo, the computer wiz at but that address just takes me to a hosting site. Is Ricardo still around (Hey Ricardo.....are you still in Buenos Aires and repairing computers?) Any contact info is appreciated. T/
  4. TomAtAlki

    Need help,....Looking for gift ideas for some senior friends...

    Walmart ? Farabella ? Sube ? Carrefour ? jeez, what about some great bottles of wine or a fabulous restaurant, you know a splurge! Nancy
  5. TomAtAlki

    Best place to buy Brazilian reals

    I have never been to Brazil but in my experience traveling I alway get money at the airport using ATM. Don't know if that works on an AR peso account. T/
  6. TomAtAlki

    Top 50 restaurants of Latin America

    Never tried It, now we'll absolutely have to, BUT...... not sure I'll be able to get those little mice out of my mind. N
  7. TomAtAlki

    Top 50 restaurants of Latin America

    Laughed my ass off. Did you make all of that mouse? T/
  8. TomAtAlki

    Top 50 restaurants of Latin America

    And at Don Julio a Club La Nation card gets you a 20% discount on your entire bill including wine. Brings the Don into normal prices. T/
  9. TomAtAlki

    Top 50 restaurants of Latin America

    Don Julio is not "hoity toity" ( I haven't heard those words in a long time) and despite the long lines to get in ( you can make a reservation a day or three in advance and avoid the lines) and the tourists, the steak is excellent and so is the service. I highly recommend it. And, easy...
  10. TomAtAlki

    What to do at Christmas?

    The Chinese restaurants are always open xmas and crowded. N
  11. TomAtAlki

    What to do at Christmas?

    Christmas in BsAs really is VERY quite. It's a family holiday and a lot of the local restaurants are closed for xmas day and eve. I'm sure all the hotel restaurants and the ones that cater to tourists are open. And everything is open before and after. We are here and love it because it is so...
  12. TomAtAlki

    Best Carne Restaurants

    It's Lekker BBQ. Honduras 4416, near Julian Alverez. El Tejano moved to Ricoletta and I'm pretty sure it's closed. We ate at Bull's last year and it was good, owner was nice. T/
  13. TomAtAlki

    Best Carne Restaurants

    Go to the old Tejeno, now called Lekka, he worked with Tejeno and the brisket is great ( at least it was 4 months ago) Nancy
  14. TomAtAlki

    Ladder for sale

    I want to buy my new ladder so reducing the price to $1,500AR !!
  15. TomAtAlki

    Prune Juice?

    The New Garden stores have nice dried fruit. Nancy
  16. TomAtAlki

    Best Carne Restaurants

    Last night 6 of us went to Somos Asados and had a really bad meal. The appetizers were very nice, but the meat, worst steak in town Nancy
  17. TomAtAlki

    Caveman diet

    Thanks for the laugh N
  18. TomAtAlki

    Why can't I get what I pay for at Starbucks?

    Starbucks is the only place I know of that: 1. Makes expresso with dark roasted beans. If there is another coffee house that uses either French or Italian roasted beans I would sure like to know about it. 2. Make a shaken lemon ice tea (green, black or hibiscus). And they are always happy...
  19. TomAtAlki

    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    This concert is free and there doesn't appear to be any tickets. In your experience, how crowded does it get? How early do you have to show up? Thanks for the postings. T/
  20. TomAtAlki

    Ladder for sale

    It's the Argentine version, can't buy the one that sells in Costco here.