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    anyone looking to sublet for Dec/jan/feb???

    HI there, Looking to sublet an apartment for three months over the Summer period in case anyone is heading away - I've been in Bs As for three years, just need somewhere for my final three months before heading back & don't want to sign into a longer lease. I'm free from Dec 19th and depending...
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    Need My Back Waxed...Help!

    Come see me!!!
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    Yoga on the cheap?

    Hi Shannon, I go to this class twice a week in Recoleta (Paraguay). I really like her class, she puts you through a mix of flow, power and ashtanga and like you, I much prefer a work out and often is the case I am hurting the day after. The class is only an hour long but she moves quickly...
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    English Speaking Waxer?

    Hi Ladies, Pretty awkward having a wax done if you aren't fluent in Castellano, so I run a small waxing & beauty business here if anyone needs a good old fashioned chit chat whilst they have the fine and dandy's removed. I DO NOT RECYCLE my wax and offer both strip and hard wax removal, most...
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    New "chic" hotels in BA?

    Hi there, I would definitely recommend the Art Hotel which is deliciously boutique and perhaps not as expensive as some of the others. In Recoleta too, great location. Had a nice time there x Sarah
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    Hypnotist for quit smoking

    Hi there, Can anyone recommend an english speaking hypnotist or hypnotherapist that offers quit smoking advice here in buenos aires? any help would be MOST appreciated. Sarah
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    Ladies, need a Wax with a British Speaking Professional?

    Hello Ex-Pats! My name is Sarah, I´m 28 and from London and whilst travelling around South America, I realised how much of a demand there is for an English Speaking Beautician. I decided to set up a waxing business for the English speaking travellers in the hostels in and around Buenos Aires...
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    Waxing Salon / Depilación Recommendations?

    Hi Bianca, Just to let you know I am a London ex-pat living here in Buenos Aires. I set up a waxing business to service the english speaking clientele of hostels in and around Buenos Aires as we know all too well how awkward it can be whiling the time away whilst a stranger pokes around! I...