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    Personal Internet

    I mean does anyone have no Internet in CABA due to zone network issue
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    Personal Internet

    Does anyone have an issue that your Internet and TV are not working for days?
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    Making sense of "expenses" in RE listings

    If expenses are marked as "Liquidación de mes: Enero/2024 with "Periodo Diciembre/2023). Would a tenant normally have to pay these expenses if they did not start living in the rental until February?
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    Argentine bank charges

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    Argentine bank charges

    Anyone know how much it costs if you want into a Santander bank branch and deposit ARS cash into a persons ARS bank account in their branch if there is a charge to deposit the cash?
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    Western Union money transfer

    Thank you can you then exchange the ARS for USD at the Western Union?
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    Western Union money transfer

    How much can you transfer her maximum per day?
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    Greeting cards

    Has anyone seen a greeting card here for sale e.g. a birthday card, thank you card or even a blank card? Taking a look in the Papeterie and have not seen any so far. I feel I am looking in the wrong place or they don't exist. One can indeed buy invitation cards in bulk e.g. for weddings...
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    Owner Key to your Rental

    Thanks for the input. The owner was very open that he does not have a full set of keys and doesn't know who actually has a full set of keys... so if the owner has no clue who has keys how can a tenant go out of the place knowing who comes in - putting a camera in or lock/chain inside is a fine...
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    New rental contracts: details of how they are agreed and what terms

    Do you have a link or something in Spanish where it say no longer necessary to register rental agreements Thanks
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    Owner Key to your Rental

    Thanks for the tip - turns out the owner doesn't have a full set of keys to this own locks! So more than welcomed that the locks can be all changed!
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    Owner Key to your Rental

    Does your owner have a key to your rental? Is is written in your contract that the has a key and access? It seems a little far out that the owner first has a key, it states in the contract with no rules when he can come to the apartment e.g. with an agreed appointment. Anyone any experiences...
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    Unregistered SUBE cards face higher transportation costs

    ...and when you register the card in person you will get a 4 digit pin and can then check your balance
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    Argentines bought a fifth less at food and drink stores in December

    Ireland has no longer free education since years, a healthcare waiting list for basic services for years, a skills shortage for Doctors and teachers as they have all left for Oz and elsewhere and a terrible social security system. There are some benefits for children but no better than any other...
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    Reserving a rental

    I did a search but I could not locate something on formally reserving a rental where you have to sign a document. Anyone any experience with this have made an offer but nothing set in stone or feedback whether owner accepts the offer before signing anything Is signing a reserve document...
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    Track your DNI process here

    If you have a DNI for a person can you check online if they have a tax number?
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    Any alternative to Google maps for local directions?

    Not sure if you are a fast walker but it usually can't keep up doing a local stroll type walk and it seems to work joke...I find checking the route in advance helps on google maps if know where you plan to go and then going into a shop to check if you have the "I'm lost" scenario
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    Making sense of "expenses" in RE listings

    What if a security person in the same job for 25+ years in the building wound't his salary be surely higher and therefore, also push up the 'expensas' either way whether 24 hours or not..longstanding staff bring higher expenses...just wondering