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  1. domthegreat

    Best Internet Service Provider in CABA?

    which company offered that?
  2. domthegreat

    Moving to Argentina how do I keep a US phone number?

    Does anyone have experience keeping a Mint Mobile subscription going while down here? I got one last time I Was in the US for work and I was hoping to keep it active here for things like bank texts, etc. Any thoughts?
  3. domthegreat

    Driving in Argentina. (Non rental cars)

    Interesting experience. Thanks for sharing. I had another friend that went and when he told them he had a license they said he needed it legalized first and they made him do the probationary period. Just today, his wife is taking classes, and said all the Venezuelans in the class showed their...
  4. domthegreat

    Driving in Argentina. (Non rental cars)

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any other Americans here know where one can get documentation to legalize their US license for the purpose of skipping the 2 year probationary period when getting an Argentine license.
  5. domthegreat

    1 Bdr/2 ambientes Recoleta Apt for Rent by owner

    how many rooms is it? Also, nice bathroom work. Did you have that done or did you buy the place like that? Would be interested to know the contractor you used for that if possible.
  6. domthegreat

    Good Tailor For Suit Alterations

    Yeah thats the one. He told me pricing for a 3 piece suit with a decent wool from Italy would be about 200,000 pesos. He seems to know how to make decent suits, but nothing that wows me. He seemed a bit resigned to trying to make the suit fit my less than normal frame. Im 6' 2" and about 230...
  7. domthegreat

    Good Tailor For Suit Alterations

    I went to the guy in the newspaper article mentioned previously in Recoleta. He was good but not 100%. He has a lot of work at the moment, and I got the feeling he was not interested in spending a lot of extra time with me to get it just right. To his credit, he got everything within 95% of...
  8. domthegreat

    Good Tailor For Suit Alterations

    Hi Everyone, So almost 5 years on now since I first started the thread and I am in need of a tailor again. I had found a wonderful older gentleman that was flawless in his work, but during the pandemic he decided to retire fully. So I am on the hunt for a new mens tailor with experience...
  9. domthegreat

    What is involved in getting a Driver’s License here?

    Hi Has anyone with a valid US license done this recently in CABA? My friend was told 9 months ago that his US could only be taken into account if he had a document from the embassy legalizing it. So he ended up with the beginners license. Info on the CABA gov site seems to confirm this...
  10. domthegreat

    Buying a guitar in BA

    Does anyone have a recommendation for any higher end guitars made in Argentina? It doesn't have to be custom made, but something a little nicer than your average guitar store budget model?
  11. domthegreat

    eze aduanas

    Getting back to point a bit here... Has anyone come in with a guitar recently? I've been through plenty of times with electronics and other things and know the drill there. But I've only traveled with a guitar twice, once I got stopped and the other time I walked right through. Bring back a...
  12. domthegreat

    Best yoghurt in BA Hands down the best. Made from water buffalo milk. They also have "firme" which is the closest thing to real Greek style yogurt you will find. They also have an option for a large bucket of it if you use a lot (buying dozens of little jars is quite annoying when...
  13. domthegreat

    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    Has anyone come through recently with trouble from customs/aduanas? I am thinking of traveling soon and bringing back one of my guitars. I was wondering if they are still looking hard at everyone coming it or if its gone back to normal (pre COVID era). I traveled in June and since only citizens...
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    Seems pretty clear. Thanks for the link!
  15. domthegreat

    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    Does anyone have a source confirming the newest requirements for entry? I've seen reported in newspapers that the declaración jurada is no longer necessary when arriving for residents. We have friends flying this week from the US, they are Argentine residents with DNIs returning from visiting...
  16. domthegreat

    Can I enter the United States?

    We went with my wife doing ESTA no problem. But we went directly from Argentina to the US. You should look at the exemptions for US Citizens and their families to those rules. I was worried about that myself as my wife's passport is from Spain (even though we have not been present there) and I...
  17. domthegreat

    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    So we came back and then heard nothing. No one called us, no one checked on us and absolutely no follow up since then. Seems like they only follow up on some people. Perhaps they have some criteria to determine who they actually follow up on or its random.
  18. domthegreat

    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    Hi Everyone I was wondering what others have experienced upon returning. We just returned and I am wondering how this process works. I see a few people commented back in March/April before the 2nd wave hit. has anything really changed? So we have no plans to leave our house during our 7 days...
  19. domthegreat

    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    When will the next list of approved flights be released? We are scheduled to return on Tuesday on United, arriving Wednesday. They haven't canceled our flight(yet) but Im trying to get ahead of the curve. Also has anyone that has recently come back had experience with family/friends coming to...
  20. domthegreat

    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    We have flight back to EZE on United that does not show here as approved. We did get an email from United saying to be prepared for having to reschedule our dates. But so far United shows our flight as confirmed. Should we preemptively reschedule to another date that apears on that list? How...