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    Personal trainer and tennis coach recommendation

    Hi all, I'm leaving Buenos Aires and am happy to recommend a tennis coach and personal trainer (separate people!) in Palermo. Tennis coach - perfect english, outdoor court ~20 min walk from Plaza Italia Personal trainer - ok english, really good on nutrition also Both really good people so...
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    Just arrived at EZE - but I have no Stamp in my passport

    In most European countries you can ASK for a stamp even if you have a EU passport, is this not a thing in Arg?
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    Bilingual HIIT classes or Temporary Personal Trainer?

    Hi - could you DM the personal trainer's contact details?
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    Is Argentina Still a Good Deal?

    Anecdotely inflation has been felt the most on the more discretionary of consumer spending, and most argentinians in formal employment have inflation linked salaries, so (again purely anecdotely) the majority of the lower middle class and above are not seeing too much difference versus say 6...
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    Is Argentina Still a Good Deal?

    Just to give the counter argument and whilst noting that budgets/situations are all relative. But I would say the uncertainty would make me consider deeply moving here permanently (i.e. selling my home country property, packing up things and moving). Since October, inflation is roughly 100%...
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    Mosquito Invasion

    (As expected with ~5 degrees celcius cooler temperatures compared to a couple of weeks ago) but I can hardly notice any mosquitos the last week or so.
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    Western Union money transfer

    Seen the same feedback on a whatsapp group. Not ideal but waiting until tomorrow (especially given time of day now) seems like your only option
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    Surcharge for using a foreign card at a restaurant

    Not something i've seen anywhere but yes does seem a bit unecessary for a place that charges ~$10 for a salmon bagel from memory
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    Pádel coach in BA

    World Padel Hollywood (near you) has coaches. I would whatsapp them
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    Mosquito Invasion

    No problem with them in my apartments but this last week has been crazy in every park / plaza I go to, especially in the evenings.
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    Where to watch Super Bowl in Palermo

    Sull ivans (Irish Pub) in Palermo Soho Hippodromo Palermo - believe this is ticketed and sold out though 1175 Bar and Lounge (not in Palermo but not far) I'd expect both to be very busy. It's on ESPN2 which all places that are sports bar will have so as long as it is open late on a Sunday you...
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    How Much Would This Lifestyle Cost

    Put my answers in bold for you.
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    Where to watch a football game?

    if you type the teams into google then the fixture will pop up at the top. Click on the fixture then it will show the stadium if you scroll down. The team shown first is always the home team and they play at their home stadium for all league games (but for cup games they will often play in the...
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    Where to watch a football game?

    A stream of consciousness There are ~10 first division teams within a 30 minute drive from CABA For most teams except Boca, River (and maybe Independiente and Racing) you can buy tickets in person, either day of game or few days before. Other than those four teams, the others do not sell out...
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    Bag drop or storage at AEP, EZE, anywhere?

    I don't know the answer but there are for sure many in Palermo and also I believe places like Teatro Colon and other tourist destinations have them. I would also be surprised if AEP didn't have one. I've never used one so perhaps others can recommend one.
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    Laundry service that is able to use hot water

    Not a laundry expert but this place definitely cleaned a white towel that I had that had a few drops of blood (from a nosebleed!!) on it. Tte. Benjamín Matienzo 2506, C1426 DAV, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    Been here a month Now

    $1500/month is a lot, of course it depends on quality but you can stay in very very nice 1bd places on airbnb for a month for that price. If they are rated 4.8/4.9+ you shouldn't have too many problems. I understand though that you've found a nice place and want to stick with it, but i would...
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    Western Union money transfer

    Taken this amount or more out a few times in last 18 months and not noticed anything
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    Not seeing cash option on apps like Uber/Cabify/Rappi

    1) not sure but probably geo blocked to turn cash on from USA so might work when you arrive 2) Both are the same tbh. I preferred Rappi personally. Rappi Prime is worthwhile. US card should work fine and in my experience 95% restaurants take cash.