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    Cream Cheese For Frosting??

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    Newcomer looking to buy a used bicycle I am selling the bike on the right (a Dawes Galaxy) can you enable private messages if you are interested?
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    Bilingual or English Kindergartens---Go!

    Hi, Club de amigos (not very close to you, but just about walkable) is a sports club but has classes in the afternoons. Loads of space Gymboree is closer and has a nice space but not outdoors Planeta juego in palermo...
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    Travel Insurance

    World nomads in the past have been much cheaper than assist card
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    Residency after marriage This tells you about the bit of your question about registering a foreign marriage certificate.
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    Hello everyone This doesn't look a very official website, but I think that it has the tramites needed
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    New Family visa rulings in the UK

    Hi, Just looking at this. It is new, isn't it? Is the bit that you are worried about the income bit. Do the minimum income thresholds apply to the family? Or are they individual?
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    Current OSDE info?

    would another option just be to pay for the controls without insurance? You could call the clinic and ask them how much it would be. If not too much it might be easier than registering for and then cancelling a plan.
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    Playdates/ vriendjes

    OK. Sounds good. 4pm Tuesday.
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    Playdates/ vriendjes

    sounds good to me. 3pm-ish?
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    Playdates/ vriendjes

    Mine are 2 and a half and nearly 4. They go to a jardin in the mornings. We would happily head to the plaza on the corner of santa fe and republica arabe siria in the afternoon to meet up one afternoon. Katie
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    Good price on getting shirts laundered?

    No. Am slightly embarrassed that I am an expert on getting my husband's shirts ironed. Another option, of course, would be to do the ironing myself ...
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    Good price on getting shirts laundered?

    If you ask for them doblado or plegado they come folded flat and put in a plastic bag (so not in a box, but folded) Does this help? Apologies if not
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    Good price on getting shirts laundered?

    There is a place in palermo on guemes between armenia and gurruchaga. I am not sure how much a wash costs (maybe 15-20 pesos, I think) but to iron shirts it is 3.50 per shirt.
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    Shock at the Supermarket

    On reflection Stafford again, if you total the weights for your canasta de semana you get 8.875 kg of fruit and veg which works out at 5.63 pesos/kilo. averaged over everything. I would expect to pay less than this for potatos, oranges, zapallo, pepino and about 5-8 pesos/kilo for most of the...
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    Shock at the Supermarket

    Hi Stafford, The canasta de semana is quite interesting, but I have to add that the weights are a bit odd. 700g of lettuce is really quite a lot of lettuce, while 335g of apples is probably one big or at a push 2 small apples. Overall you will get a lot of variety, but not actually a large...
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    Any UK mums out there

    I think that mumsnet, netmums and cybermummy might be good places to start looking. Not that I spend far too much time online. Oh no.
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    Wood photo frames

    I have suggested this place before - on tucuman between callao and rodriguez pena. Big shop selling lots of wood stuff like frames and dolls furniture that you can then paint yourself
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    looking for bike route from micro center to tigre

    There is a cycle path alongside much of the route of the tren de la costa. This won't get you all the way, but might be a start